How does Malta Lottery work?

As 'aliens' are we allowed to play the lottery here?
How do we if we can? Total newbie when it comes to this.

You can and we do play the lottery in Malta.
There are loads of different games but they are all basically pick x number of random numbers and wait for the lottery to be drawn. We tend to just go for the grand lottery and with that you just get a ticket with pre printed numbers that you have to match with the grand draw (every Friday). I think they are €3 per ticket, just pop in your local lottery office and all will be revealed!


Thanks Terry. Are results published online?

Yes, there is a website..



Can you still play the Euro lottery in Malta and if you won would you be entitled to the winnings if you reside there?

Found this Ken.

The official rules for EuroMillions state that in order to play the UK EuroMillions a player must be located in the United Kingdom or Isle of Man and also be a permanent resident of the UK. No such restriction applies to players using our ticket concierge service as this service only buys tickets for the Euro version of EuroMillions.

If you live outside the UK then you can play EuroMillions and other euro-lotteries online right here thanks to our world-famous lottery concierge service. The process is extremely easy and user-friendly – just click on the link you require and follow the step-by-step instructions that are provided. This will result in your numbers being entered for the European lottery game of your choice and full confirmation of your participation will be sent to you by e-mail for reference purposes.

There is a fee in the event of a win.

Thanks RedMik.. :thanks:

This is a new lottery service that purports to operate from Malta! Also includes UK lottery.

Your first play gets refunded, have not tried it.


UK Lotto £2 per line, they charge £2.95 and keep 5%.


5% of nothing is not bad!