Im trying to register on and everything goes OK.....then I dont get the activation email.(yeh,i have checked spam folder !)

I've emailed but had no response and its been like a week.

I tried another email address but still no activation email.

Anyone else has issues with the site and is there any way round it !?


dont bother, most folks on there have their phone # in the ad anyway.   


sorry can't say that i've had any problems at all. Though like Chad said, every ad on there will likely have a phone number so unless you want to create an ad and post it, having an actual account isn't a big deal maybe

I have this problem to...
I tried with 3 different emails now.

Can anyone that lives in Malta create an account for me with my email please? I need to post an ad that i am looking for an  apartment.

I had the same problem when I was in the uk, once I got to malta it registered straight away

the_viper wrote:

I had the same problem when I was in the uk, once I got to malta it registered straight away

Yeah i think that is the problem can someone register an account for me.
Password do not mather i just request a new one later.

Register with my email:

Sincerely Robin

I've  tried so many times over the past three months to register on Maltapark but it's impossible.
I've emailed them and rang countless times but it just seems like a ghost company,I need to apply for jobs and can't do it :(
Can anyone help please???

I have tried also multiple times with no success.  Whats the answer?

You have to be in Malta and be using computer with Maltese IP address

I had the same problem when I first came here, I gave up trying to register in the end but happened to be on there yesterday and tried again when the same thing happened - telling me they will send an activation email as it's my first time logging on, this never arrived. I tried signing up again with a new username etc, and used a separate email address and it worked, I received the email and text with activation number. I think the only solution is to try and sign up a new account!

If its for jobs, register with 'keep me posted' as thats where most companies advertise.  They will email all the new posts daily. Also check the Times of Malta site on Sunday especially as thats the main day.

you could try registering with one of the VPN networks so it doesn't know where your computer is?

Most people use them the other way around, to get foreign TV here, but the principle is the same, and some do free trials.

Use betternet free VPN to get into any website.

In fact they had a few problems for a couple of days. But by now it should be sorted out.

Hi,Im jim if you can give me your phone number i will call you from MALTA and we can have a talk if you like to OK .Jim have a good day

Hi Jim > this is an old inactive topic and the OP is no more user on the website.