Removing water tank entirely

I have a question to people who have experience connecting their water supply to the mains and bypassing water tank entirely. I have a house with water tank on the roof and a water pump - the usual setup. However, it's a house and water pressure is really good in the kitchen and (i suspect) in the bathroom. Currently, my kitchen is connected to the mains and bathroom to water tank. That water tank is giving me a lot of troubles - water pump is old and breaks down every month, meaning I have to call the plumber and pay for his services and some replacement detail, the connecting pipes leak one after another, I have to call the plumber again. I literally have something related to water tank broken every month. I was thinking about shutting it down completely and connecting the bathroom directly to the mains because I don't have time and money to deal with this endless repair process. Unfortunately, all the pipes were done by the previous owner and I inherited all the issues that came with it.
Thank you for all advice.

Your bathroom pipes probably  leed to the tank, its not like you can just rerun the pipes right?

I'd replace the pump. Tanks have value since there is often water cut offs etc

Yes, true about the pipes - they are connecting bathroom to the water tank. They are shabbily done and not accessible. I don't know if I can rerun them, have to ask the plumber. My concern is once water pump is replaced, the pipes will go off with the first rain or wind. Or something else will fall of. The whole structure is just one big hassle.

I heard an opinion that water tanks are a thing from the past when Malta had issues with frequent water interruptions. Now water supply system improved but people do the water tanks because that's how things are done. I don't know how bad water interruptions are right now.

Talk with your plumber about the best options. Get a new pump anyway as the water tank is a good backup. Maybe replace the pipes, might cost a bit but in the long run, you will save instead of patching up bits.

I will ask the plumber. As much as I like Malta, the water supply system is one of those things that frustrate me. And it's not really the infrastructure itself but shabby work I've dealt with over the past years. I just don't know how to cut the losses and my wasted time. I've changed plumbers and tried to make them think a bit out of the box, but all of them, 100% with no exceptions, follow the same mantra - get the cheapest junk, connect and fix whatever for the next month and make sure customer calls again.

Anyway, I was hoping someone on the forum had the experience of not having the water tank. Unfortunately, I don't know if water supply has indeed improved as much as they say.

Same experience with plumbers here for me, its worth looking for a foreigner plumber here and tell them what you want, I've seen a few recommended from the UK I think but don't have details.

My plumbing situation in my houses are equally frustrating but its a struggle as I have the original plumbers who know where all the bodies are buried and I don't want to annoy them so just have to suffer it through.

Ha-ha! The buried bodies - that's a good one!

the water tanks on the roofs in malta are so archaic.  all water should be coming from the main.  this is 2022
the water tanks on the roofs in malta are so archaic.  all water should be coming from the main.  this is 2022
- @rosedunphy

The tanks do not imply the water does not come from the main.  They are there to improve pressure and to provide a buffer when the city water is down.  City water goes in the tanks in the majority of cases.

Some houses like mine have a well and I get it filled because the well water tends to be a lot nicer on skin, hair etc, but often i just cant be bothered and switch the feed over to mains for months.

I have a question regarding the water tanks. We moved into an older house with a new tank on the roof that only holds 250 liters.

the other day when we were cleaning the whole house for the first time the water tank emptied completely. This caused the pump to turn off.

now I was told not to empty the tank (??? ) because this makes the pump turn off .

this makes no sense at all.

doesbt the water from the main automatically replenish the missing water from the tank ?

Also, we have a pool and apparently a well under the house (don't know for sure).

How can I see if the pool is being topped up from the well ? Or do I have to take water from the hose?

thanks everyone - frustrated here in Malta

250 is quite small, but yes your mains should top up the tank. Screw it open and you should see like a floating thing, push it down and check that water flows in. Your water pressure could be low so you could empty it faster than it fills.

Also though the water here is often off. Go sign up for alerts from so they will let you know when the water mains is off. It could be your mains was off at the time.

If the tank goes empty, and your pump is shitty, yes you might have to "bleed" it to work again, but you would have a pretty crappy pump if thats the case.

Well wont get water on its own like from the ground, typically roofs empty rain into there and you might have to get it topped up with a truck. But best you verify with your owner. If this has not been used a while you shold get the water tested.

I imagine pool takes water from the tank and somewhere you have 2 taps to flip between well source and mains source for the Tank

just get a plumber round, its their job!