Algerian marrying in Tunisia

I am a UK British citizen living in Wales U.UK.. my plight is sheer desperation for knowledge about my Algerian fiance and myself to get married in Tunisia as soon as possible
Can anyone advice me if they have knowledge or experience in this matter plz
Does my Algerian Fiance need to reside with me in Tunisia for 21 days to marry me

Thank you

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Do not hesitate to read the other threads on Formalities in Tunisia.

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Hi There Dreamer59

was wondering if you have had any replies yet, as I am looking at going to Tunisia to marry an Algerian. Are you travelling alone?

hello guys happydays60 and dreamer .

i hope that my reply is not late , yes your algerian`s fiance must stay in algeria for 21 days before you get married it`s obligatory,english law`s are like that .

another advice i do advice all english algerian couples to dont get married from the first meeting because this is not good at all specialy if you plan to live in uk , the settlement visa will be very dificult for algerian citizen to go to uk, so you have to see each other`s first it will be good if you can visit your fiance in algeria too, and get some pictures with his family like this you can prove your real relationship.

guys i have a big experience for algerian english marriage .so if you need any help or advice just ask me .

ciao .

hello i need any advice on marrying a Algerian man we are 2 years together via internet and we cannot continue this internet life ! how can i marry there or shuld go to different country to marry ?i am british.

hi guys
pls can u hellp me ?
i'm Algerian and i will get a marriege with ma  fiancee  in tunis ....she is from london
pls can u tell me wht we have to do it ?

i need ur replay soon pls

hello,may i ask why you will marry in tunis?and not algeria.

coz in Algeria it mak a long time .....and i hear in tunusia it be fast  .... i mean in tunis is easy more then Algeria

sounds great ryan

Hi what papers did you need? I know what papers I need but my husband to be is algerian and we will marry in tunisia

Did you figure it out?

Any updates in how this went for you all. In the same predicament. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

It seems that everyone has the same problem here and, so far, no one was able to provide substantial advice and 100% offer what is actually required from the Algerian… In my particular case we are running into the same problem and have already met and Tunisia once and now we want to go back to get married but our research is telling us that he will have to have residency proof but the US citizen does not… Is there any truth to this

@Sweet & Savage did you find it there's truth to that because I'm in the same case

@Sweet & Savage … 0marriage.

👆 This is what The US Embassy in Tunis listed in their website..

As you're a US Citizen, please contact the Embassy in case if you need more info.

👇 Here is the contact info for Tunisian Embassy in DC, you may check with them as well..

Phione: 202-601-4124   EMAIL: [email protected]

Best wishes.. 🙏❤️


For non US Citizens and for US Citizens.. here is the info on Tunis City Hall and Carthage City Hall.. please call them up and get the information directly.. (French and or Tunisian only) … efault.asp … mp;rub=252

In case, if any of you guys are planning to get married in places like Hammamet or Djerba.. contact them directly to get info. (Cheaper and better options: in regards of less expensive as well as easy and early appointments compared to Tunis & Carthage)

Take care..


@Sweet & Savage i am canadien lebanese my fiancé algerian i was in tunisia from july 20 2023 until july 29 2023. We wanted to get married. But the algerian consulat didnt want to give us the paper we needed to get married in tunisia.  He needs to be résident of tunisia.  Its there la they say.  I had no problem getting mine from the canadien embassy.  But algerian are stubburn.  And its not written anywhere that we cannot get married.   So the only way its to go to algeria.

Good luck to you

@Parfumdefleur0145  Hello. We are in the same situation. I am Hungarian, my fiancé is from Algeria. We wanted to marry in Tunisia in August but the Algerian embassy refused to give us the marital capacity certificate without any comment or reason. Yes, it is not a written rule that we need this paper. This is just bureaucracy, politics and the way how they can trouble our private life.

We couldn't marry in Algeria as well beacuse that country is not the member of the Apostile convention. It means I need official stamps from the Algerian embassy in Hungary not from the Foreign Ministery. But the embassy can refuse this too. We are in this marriage procedure from two years.


i am having same issue

i am a british citizen and want to marry my Algerian fiance in Tunisia we have been informed of new rules stating Algerian citizens need to be resident for at least 6 months in Tunisia before they can get married there.


Does anyone know any solution is this only in Tunis or does the same process occur in Djerba and Hammamet ?

thank you


Hey, you've answered your own question..  unfortunately Hammamet, Djerba are all part of

Tunisia 🇹🇳 they are just under different local authorities.

@sabilhaakhta thé only solution is to call thé embassy or direct mariage in algeria.   

@Kairouan i thought i read from earlier posts that some municipalities  require less documents and the one issued by the Algerian Embassy is not required in all circumstances to get Married in Tunisia

i have got an appointment at the British Embassy in Novemeber i am meeting my fiancé in Tunisia and we intend to have our civil ceremony. our process has already been delayed some years due to Covid 19 and restrictions to leave the country from his side in Algeria.

im so sad about this rule change all of a sudden is there no other possibilites for us to get married in Tunisia on this trip?

i would appreciate any help and support in this matter.

thank you



i will call the embassy tomorrow

is that what you did. How long does the Algeria process take? It has already been 4 years since we intended to get married .