Getting married in Tunisia

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We invite all the ones who got married in Tunisia or who are about to get married in Tunisia to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Tunisia? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Tunisia)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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Hello, I am a Colombian citizen who married a Tunisian in 2009. I was living in the United States when I got married so it was very difficult to coordinate details, but we made it :) 
About the paperwork:
Every "municipalité" or city hall has its own paperwork. So you need to find one within months and see their specific requirements. Remember that Summer is preferred by Tunisians so you need to separate your spot in advance!!!Here are the websites of all city halls:     Municipalité de Djerba Ajim     Municipalité de Sbiba     Municipalité de Oueslatia     Municipalité de Teboursouk     Municipalité de Sidi Bou Saïd     Municipalité de Sakiet Ezzit     Municipalité de Mornag Municipalité de Menzel BouZelfa     Municipalité de Gremda     Municipalité de Ghannouch     Municipalité Elain     Municipalité de Chihia Municipalité de Chenini Nahal     Municipalité de Boumerdes     Municipalité de Bembla Mnara     Municipalité de zarat     Municipalité de Bengardene     Municipalité de Zaghouan     Municipalité de Zarzis     Municipalité de Teboulba     Municipalité de Tejerouine     Municipalité de Tataouine     Municipalité de Tozeur     Municipalité de Tunis     Municipalité de Sidi el Hani     Municipalité de Sfax     Municipalité de Siliana Municipalité de Sakiet Sidi Youssef     Municipalité de Sers     Municipalité de Sbikha     Municipalité de Souk Lahad     Municipalité de Soliman     Municipalité de Sidi Bouali  Municipalité de Sahline Motamer     Municipalité de Skhira     Municipalité de Sidi Bouzid     Municipalité de Sousse     Municipalité de Raoued     Municipalité de Rades     Municipalité de Oued Ellil     Municipalité de Nabeul     Municipalité de Nasrallah     Municipalité de Makthar     Municipalité de Medjez Elbeb     Municipalité de Moknine     Municipalité de Mornaguia     Municipalité de Mourouj Municipalité de Menzel Hayet     Municipalité de Messaâdine     Municipalité de M'dhilla

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (for my wedding)
First of all, the documents need to be translated to French.
For my marriage in Megrine, Rades I had to get the following documents for my dossier:
1. Birth Certificate and certified translation in French.
2. Letter from a consulate or official notarized letter indicating that you are single or your status allows you to get married. If you don't live in your home country, you need to get this letter signed by the consul or ambassador of your country's nearest consulate/embassy. (Translation in French required)
3. Copies of the passport, and visas (if applicable)
4. I am a woman so I didn't need to convert to Islam at that time. But if you are a man YOU NEED TO CONVERT TO ISLAM and get a certificate.
3.  Doctor's certificate indicating you are in good health! you can buy this one in Tunisia, you don't necessarily need to go to the doctor.
4. Paperwork needs to be submitted within 15 days minimum before the wedding. It's important that you find the city hall with time! We struggled a lot because the City Hall of Carthage refused to accept our documents, they insisted that my letter needed to be signed in Egypt and not Washington, DC. This happened 3 weeks before the actual wedding...luckily the Municipalité de Megrine received our documents, we paid the fees and got married.

This is mostly all concerned to a civil wedding, very simple and all. I decided to marry in la salle de fetes of the City Hall and we brought our wedding favors (dragees), the patisserie or traditional sweets, and beverages there. Then I had a simple reception with the closest friends and family. But if you want to have a full Tunisian wedding, it requires more time, money, and preparation. That depends on you :) I am just helping with with the basics: listing the papers needed for the contract.
Good luck!


Me and my husband planned to get married in Tunis before but when we inquired in the City Hall they said that I must stay in Tunisia for at least 21 days (since I'm not Tunisian National) and all my documents should be translated to french, unfortunately we don't have that much time to spend... Instead we just got married here in Doha.

Hello Mrs Ouanassi and welcome to!

Thanks for your contribution.;)


Hi, you don't need to be 21 days in Tunisia to get married (I came on Christmas break...just 2 weeks). But you certainly need to have all your documents translated to French. Don't forget to check different city halls to make sure you find the right one (or the one that demands less papers).
Good luck to the future couples!

i am Colombian and I now marry in June tunez and live there, but can not find any room in gafsa, could you help me depronto please with the address and ask me more documents from here to Colombia, sugun what I understand the record cilvil I translate it in French and I would do the notary certificate of singleness ... thank you very much for the collaboration because I have since last year looking for information and so far it is possible I got a little more clear

Hi Chatica25, I gave you all the info I had in a private message. (it's posted here in English)
Te daré toda la información que tengo en un mensaje privado (aquí la puse en inglés)

hi i was just wondering does the certificate of no impediment have to be issued by a registrar here in the uk?  i read somewhere that a statement countersigned by your solicitor was acceptable?

I married in August in Ez-Zahra.  They did not require any of my documents to be in French, but they did require 2 Birth Certificates that were obtained within the last 20 days of applying for the marriage license, a doctor's release, and an affidavit from the American Embassy stating that I was free to marry.

i wud gratful for any information at all.i know i can stay in tunis for 3 mths on my passport wat happens after that.i am hoping to marry my tunisian boyfriend

No. You need to see the doctor. It's a basic visit. Took me 10 mimutes

I had my vital signs taken and the doctor asked a few questions. That was all that was to it.

No, just a quick visit

Friends i am an Indian and next month i am marrying a Tunisian women and i work in Dubai so how much time it will take to marriage certificate and what document i have to submit.

Hey guys,

I met my boyfriend last summer we talk all the time! I love him very much and we want to get married and start a family. I would like him to stay in Scotland with me if possible once we are married.

What documents do we need to get married in tunisia?

How long do i need to be in Tunisia for before we can get married?

If we plan to live in Scotland does that change what documents we need?

I am from the United States and am marrying my Tunisian boyfriend in March of 2014.What will I need to prepare for this and when should I start to prepare ? He is planning on coming back with me to the States after my 40 days stay
All links and info is welcome as this is new to me.

I posted all the links to the city halls of Tunisia and the documents I had to present to get marry in 2009. Check my post at the beginning of this forum.

Each city hall has its own requirements. Some are more complicated than others. I married in Mégrine, Rhades after the City Hall of Carthage, Tunis didn't approve one of my documents and made us find another city hall the last minute.

To start, you need your Birth Certificate translated to French; you need a doctor's certificate (you can buy it in Tunisia), a certificate of celibacy or an official letter that states you are single/divorced and you are free to marry. The most complete list is my former post. The Birth Certificate cannot be older than 1 month (if the clerks put a date stamp on it, make it recent).
My suggestion is that you always double check the information with the City Hall where you guys are planning to marry; sometimes they don't post all the complete requirements.

Good luck!

PS/ don't bring your wedding favors from the US. I did that mistake and we ended up paying double the price for everything and I was held by the police for about 3 hours until we were practically forced to pay to get my passport back.

Thank you so much for the information.I will private message you

A lot of the stuff depends on the municipality where you are married.  Best thing to do is get what you need right before you leave and take care of the rest in Tunisia.

I would like to speak to you privately if it is possible, I need some guidance in getting marry in tunis.

I am coming to Tunisia on 4/1/2014 to get married to my Tunisian boyfriend in Jendouba.  I as well have several questions and I have read all the posts.  I will be there from April 1st - April 19th to marry him.  I have been told by the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, DC that I have to submit a certified copy of my divorce documents stamped from the NC Dept of State.  Is this correct?  I don't see where anyone else has posted that information and just want to get married as smoothly as possible once there with no hang-ups.  Any answers or help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a certified copy of your divorce decree for the embassy.  They will not give the permission to marry without the certified and stamped copy of the decree.  I am in Tunis now, but if you want to talk more private message me your number and I will give you a call and answer any questions I can for you.

hi folks

I have two matters regarding serious relationship and/or mariage:

1. false mariage

I wont introduce bad moods to nobody but please allow me to ask if there is anyone which has considered that there is also this sort of mariage biz going on?

that means in particular, there are many cases reported that as soon the tunesian partner got married and lives in the more save world and got the permanent status or even a new passport of the "new home", they went off again and leave their partners.

did anyone considered such facts?

2. converting to islam

as it is obligatory that male partners which are seeking to get along with a tunesian girl, must convert to islam, I wonder if there are males around which converted to islam? 

and how is about this proceeding? any experience?

Marriage fraud is a very real possibility, but it is anyplace you marry.  I have a friend that married someone so that he had a better chance at parole from prison.
It can and does happen, that is where trust or not applies.

I recently got married in Tunisia and I wanted to know if it was possible to make it legal in the United States and how

The US recognizes the marriage. Just go change your name on your things that need updated.

Thanks  :top:

I am from the USA. I recently married a Tunisian man in Tunisia..The marriage certificate has to be translated exactly like the information appears on my birth certificate. Problem is here on the line of where I was born we have a township, county, city, state and country. We are uncertain what to do here because it just asks for city and state and country born,,,not township or county BUT everything on my bc is suppose to be translated..What do we do????

Are you still in Tunisia? there is no information listed on this site anyone from Nabeul are who got married  near Kelibia . Azmour   I need phone number to call and asked what papers required for this town hall .

I seen list of what is needed but i have a question regarding the seal proof of divorce there is an original seal on it at the time I was divorced is this not good enough ?

can I have everything translated in french from  United States or it has to be translated in Tunisia ?

after I am married in Tunisia is my marriage recognized here in america ?

and I don't understand this Affidavit of eligibility to marry it's called an Affidavit of Eligibility to marry i will have to go to the Embassy in Tunis and I hope I don't need an appointment and i will have to do this while in Tunis because when I leave airport travel from Tunis to  Kelibia is 2 hours ...and to come back would be a lot of extra driving  so anyone have to do this  Affidavit ?

i am nervous about the whole trip i planned a longer trip  now i will be able to stay over 31 days  so i will have more time now no rush.

I am sending you my number privately. Give me a call in the morning and I can try to help you if possible.

Thank you I will contact you


Me and my finace want to get married in Tunis, however shoe is telling me that apart from getting a certificate saying I'm muslim which is fine, I also have to snip off you know what!!! Which I am no way in hell willing to do, no matter how much I love her!

Is this a must, and what are the issues apart from the documents you mentioned to get married in Tunis?

Appreciate the help.

Kind regards,


Hey guys :) I have a question to ask , my girlfriend is coming soon to Tunisia and we're planning to get marry here , she is American , and Im wondering what's the papers she have to get with her from the US or she could just take care of that from the american embassy here ? ps : she is never been married before

She needs 2 copies of a certified birth certificate that are less than 20 days old from the wedding date, her passport, and at the embassy she will speak with them and they will give her the paper stating she is able to marry.  That goes to the municipality that you will be married in.  From them you will get the form to take to the doctor.  Once that is done, it goes back to the municipality and they will take that and the 2 birth certificates and fill out the necessary paperwork.  You will get your wedding date and time (if you get married at the municipal building) as soon as they are done with all the paperwork.

I'm from Pakistan and want to get married with my Tunisian girlfriend and live with her there..
I need guidance about Tunisian nationality that how can I get it... is it possible via marriage???
please help me..

Hello I am Canadian and married my Tunisian husband December 2013 but was unaware that I needed the long form of my birth certificate so we do not have a marriage certificate yet as they would not accept my birth certificate so I am returning in May to hopefully get this done and over with so we can start our lives we had a ceremony/exchange of rings/the whole nine yards very nice Tunisian 3 day ceremony...So I have been reading other posts by people on this thread and I noticed they are saying 2 birth certificates are needed?can you please verify if this is true and what other documents I could possibly need I have never been married and at one place they told my husband that I need proof of being single and never married how do I do this????please any information would be greatly appreciated as I am leaving next month thanks so much.

hi everyone i am from algeria and i wanna marry a girl from usa in tunisia. anyone can help me please ( what papers we need and how long we have to stay there )

i'm american. i just got married to an algerian in tunisia. to make things alot faster and easier, just stay in tunis. the US embassy is there, the algerian consulate is there, the medical examiners are there, the document translators are all there. seriously, everything you'll need is right there in tunis.  ok, here's what you'll need:

the woman:
- 2 certified copies of birth certificate (have your fiance call a document translator in tunis, since your fiance already speaks the language, it's better if he does this)
- 2 certified copies of divorce certificate (that's IF you've been married before. these also need to be translated, take them to the document translator too)
- get a medical waiver from a doctor saying that neither you nor your fiance have any type of disease (these doctors have clinics on the main streets of tunis. we didn't even see a doctor, the receptionist took our passports and talked to the doctor while we waited in the waiting room. took about 10 minutes costed like 60 tunisian dinar.
- get a certificate from US embassy saying that you're not married and that you're free to marry. YOU MUST SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ON THEIR WEBSITE FOR THIS. alot of times, it can be the same day that you scheduled, if not, it'll be the very next day. make sure you print it off after you schedule it. the US embassy needs the print off. (you can go to any cyber cafe and log onto the US embassy's site and do this). you will enter the embassy, show them your paper that you printed off regarding your appointment. you will fill out a short form, with your information & your fiance's information and then you both will have to raise your right hands and swear under oath that what you wrote is true, then you both sign it & the embassy officer signs it, then you pay 82 tunisian dinar or 50 us dollars.

all these papers that you received... the translated birth certificates, translated divorce certificates, the medical waiver, the affidavit from US embassy saying that you're free to marry, go ahead and make a bunch of copies of them, there's copier places all over tunis.
now your fiance will have to call around to find a lawyer that will perform the marriage for you. there's lawyers that specialize in foreign marriages such as these, so it's not gonna be hard to find one. our lawyer charged around 300 tunisian dinar. it took about an hour to get married. the lawyer had to translate the marriage ceremony in his log book, which he translated into arabic. he was littereally writing it down. since i'm american, he had to translate all my information. it took awhile.

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