Clarification on Requirements - Marriage in Tunisia

Salam Alaikum, Hello all, there is some information I would like some clarity on regarding marriage in Tunisia. Some background, I am a US American and my fiance is Algerian.

1. We keep getting outside information that one of us needs to own property or have a place of residence in Tunisia to get married. Can someone please confirm if this is really a requirement?
2. Also, my fiance is worried that Algeria will not accept or recognize our marriage to be valid. What steps can we make to ensure that both of our countries recognize the validity of our marriage?

Thank you all in advance!
@SUFS2041 Hey when i was trying to get married in Tunisia i  found out that one of us need residency in Tunisia while i am Algerian and my wife is Irish 
Best of luck

Hi, I'm in the same boat. Been with my Algerian for 6+ years and want to get married in Tunisia but people have told him that it is Algeria's (Algerian Embassy) requirement that he establish residency in Tunisia, not Tunisia's requirement. Would be happy for some clarity on this myself!

Hi there, Did the Algerian Embassy specify that it was their requirement that you establish residency in Tunisia specifically or any foreigner wanting to marry in Tunisia needs to establish residency in Tunisia regardless of where they've come from?

Same problem !!! Could ANYONE please give 100% clarity on this issue !!!!! We made all flight plans and arrangements & friends began telling us of this possible residency issue

We are in the same situation. Hungarian - Algerian couple. After 8 years we wanted to marry in Tunisia last summer (2022). We got a list from our embassies what documents we need. I translated everything officially, got the Apostile stamps. Tunisia asked for a marital capacity certificate what the Algerian embassy refused to give us without any reason.

In the last one year, the embassy never answered for a phone call, for an email, for a letter.

In this summer we are going back to Tunisia but I really don't know where to get information about how to marry there.

Does anybody can help us?

@Hungary.Algeria8  hi i just got back from.tunisia on july 29 2023 and the  consulat of algeria didnt give my fiancé de paper he needed to get married there.  They said he needed to be résident of tunis or get married in algeria or for me to bring him to canada.  The canadien embassy did give me the document i needed.  We were very mad because there is no law. It comes from no where.   

So thé best thing is for you to go to algeria.