MSc Biochemist wanting to move to Belgium

Hi there all!

I'm from South Africa, I recently finished my MSc in Biochemistry so am now looking for a job.

My sister has successfully moved to Belgium and has started a family here.  Seeing as the rest of my family is in South Africa, and I currently have the momentum to start my working life wherever I've decided to try to move to Belgium.

I can speak English and Afrikaans, and Afrikaans has evolved from Dutch so they're very similar.  Therefore I don't have a huge language barrier (I will learn to speak Dutch fluently but I'm able to get along at the moment).

So I'm looking for a job in Belgium, preferably a research position as a molecular biologist.  I have been looking at job postings wherever I can get them (and will check out all the links on the "Find a job in Belgium" forum topic) but a friend suggested I try to ask the Expat community for help and advice.

There you have it :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm currently visiting my sister until the end of April.  So I'm currently in Belgium, in Kortrijk-Dutsel :D

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