Animal sitting

HI All,

I have just moved to Haute Savoie and I really want to buy a small Parrot. Like most of you can imagine... being far away from Family and friends, I donŽt know what I will do this summer when I am away back home to Canada to visit my family. Animal "pensions" cost a small fortune and thus it makes me put off buying the bird and yet, even when I have "friends" here, I will feel unconfortable asking them this favour.

I can only imagine that there are more expats in a similar situation to myself.

I was wondering whether anyone or several people wanted to do do an Animal swap.

When you are away, I will happily animal sit your animal (dogs or other animals  in my home(with the exception of cats because it might kill my bird) and vice versa.

Does this idea sound interesting to anyone?

Hello Deini30.

Welcome to! :)

Maybe you could post an advert in the Jobs in Haute Savoie section. It may help.

Thank you,