I am an American moving to Austria with my husband and small dog.  Is Graz a good place to relocate to?  We like going to the movies (Not in German yet) and nice big cities.  Any advise out there?



Hi there!

I have only been to Graz once or twice and I really liked it but I haven't lived there. Know that there are a lot of students there and it is not a very big city. I live in Vienna and here you have everything, also cinema in original language. The problem with austria is sometimes that small cities really are small cities, with lesser international things. Don't know if that is true for Graz, maybe someone here at lives there?

Good luck with everything and welcome to Austria, it is a great place :)


I lived in Graz for a year and a half. It is the second biggest city in Austria, but you would never know it. There is a movie theatre there that shows movies in English.  If you are looking for big cities in Austria, Vienna.  I will say that Graz has the best weather out of the bigger cities in Austria.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions maybe I can help.


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