Cat litter and food

I don't know if there are many petowners in Nepal but Iam getting my cat with me when Iam moving here for a few years and was wondering are there shops for cat litter and cat food there?


Hi Tanya,

There are a couple of large supermarkets in and around Kathmandu / Lalitpur, and most also have a pets section. I prefer the Bhatbhateni supermarkets ( ) for their large collection of products, but I have noticed that all supermarkets occasionally run out of stock, and then it can take a couple of weeks (!) before a certain product is in stock again. This has happened both with cat food and cat litter also. Cat and dog food I buy these days through my vet, who just delivers at home. Cat litter was so often out of stock that I gave up, and now the cat just goes outside to find her own sandy spot...

My advice: find yourself a vet in your area who will visit at your house and bring you your supplies.