Agricultural land in Nepal

I was looking around for land sale in Nepal. And All I can find is small land to build a house. The prices was ranging from high to reasonable But I can never find sale of a agricultural land, lets say 10 acres (or 3-5 hectares) (and when I see aana/dur ropani  my head spins). Why I can not find this info? And what price range i'm looking at? Something near small city, not near capital.

Hello TheTraveler2020,

I don't know much about it, but can a foreigner own agricultural land in Nepal ?

Maybe you should first check whether you can buy/own land ?


Foreigners are not allowed to buy land in Nepal. I'm sure there are exceptions, but that's the short answer. Land in the Kathmandu Valley is worth more than a lot of land in the US. The closer you are to Kathmandu or another major city the more expensive it is. Rural land often doesn't have road access. I was thinking of helping a Nepali friend with a business and suggested a fish pond for his village. He responded that it would take 8 hours by 4 wheel drive to get the fish to Kathmandu. I laughed at myself for such a naive idea. It's just hard for me to understand the road issues, even after all this time of being in Nepal. 

Many Nepali will insist that you can partner with them in a land/farming enterprise. Please remember that it is against the law for anyone on a tourist visa to conduct business of any kind. That means that your generous new Nepali friend won't be so generous when it comes time to share the proceeds. Since it's against the law and deportable for you to conduct any kind of business in Nepal you will be unable to do anything; you will be at your Nepali friend's mercy. So, make sure everything is legal. Handshake agreements are of no use.

Consider any investment in Nepal to be a donation and you won't be disappointed. Even if you start an NGO the board can easily vote to do something you don't like. You would still have no power. They can also drain the money as fast as you can bring it.

I love living in this amazing, little country and the people, so when I say things like this I'm really hoping to be wrong. Maybe other members on Expat can share their stories if it would help. So, please tell me I'm wrong. Please do bring money to help develop Nepal. There are ways, but you have to be very smart about it.

I understand what you trying to say. But is it possible to form a company. Then rent the land on the name of the company? I believe that is 100 % legal.
As for the road that is a problem. I guess the best thing is to travel Nepal and see the things by my self then decide.
But Again, I think owning the company and renting agricultural land should be fine. Unless there is some restrictions on that part also.

I was thinking to form a company. And then rent a land. I think is not possible for a foreigner to own a land in Nepal. But I think is fine company to rent a land.

Have you looked into business visas? That is quite expensive. I'd love to learn more about your plans. I might know someone who knows someone. You never know.

Good luck on the project.

Hello! Before going further, I would refer TheTraveler2020 to the good information submitted on these pages by JW - "Setting an FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) company after Legislative Changes" (dtd July 8, 2019)
The clear message that it sends is that under new Government regulations:
1.  Unless a foreigner is able to bring a minimum of 400,000 Euros (or nearly half a million US dollars) to Nepal - the new threshold for making direct investments in this country -  the would-be investor might as well stay home.
2. For smaller/more modest investments, the authorities have not been shy about stating publicly that those can more aptly be made by the nepalese people themselves.
My advice is that you come to Nepal and have an opportunity to rely on your own best information gleaned while here, in situ. Then, if you should decide to go ahead with your project, I think you should get a confirmation that:
a. While foreigners cannot own agricultural or any other kind of land, real estate etc., in their own individual name.
b. On the other hand, if a foreigner meets the new FDI requirements outlined above, and that foreigner should totally become the direct beneficial owner of a nepali company (like XYZ Private Limited), that company can proceed to legally:
                                                  acquire land or real estate in general
                                                  rent land, house, buildings etc.
                                                  lease land, house, buildings etc. 
In short, nothing can be held in foreigner's name, but indirectly/through the duly authorized company's name (if owned by a foreigner) - yes.  Do check it out.
What leads me to say all this is that my best foreigner friend in Nepal did just that not very long ago when regulations were more lenient and at that time, he owned 100% of the shares of a Pvt Ltd company, which then, in turn, enabled him to purchase legally an 8-10 ropani tract of land in Ktm Valley & several long leases on land/buildings out of city. At that time, no problem at all at Land Registry - all legal - or Immigration (for obtention of Business Visa(s) all above board.
These days, let's face it, the Authorities of this country are nowhere near being so welcoming as they used to be in their attitude towards investor-foreigners (which explains why this same best friend of mine has since definitively left Nepal after liquidating every single asset he had here)

Wishing you best of luck with your project.

Hi Traveler2020,

Nepal is not very accomodating to small foreign investors.
Minimum investment amount is currently the forementioned US$ 500.000.

And for either buying, renting or leasing land, for whatever purpose, you will need to have a company set up through DFI (Direct Foreign Investment) rules and regulations.
Foreigners cannot own (rent, lease) land in their own personal names.

The 'Nepal Investment Guide 2018' might be helpful for you (I didn't find any 2019 guide): … 202018.pdf

Pay close attention to the Negative list for foreign investment in Annex 1.
You will not get permission to set up a business if you'd want to explore one of the areas in this list. The list includes poultry, fisheries and beekeeping.

I just read it this morning. And all I can say is "WOW". This is really high requirement. Before I read much smaller investment is sufficient to qualify as investor. Ok Thanks for the info. It was really useful. I will travel Nepal next year. If I can not get business visa at least I can enjoy the country for a little bit as a tourist :)

Thanks for the link, and the info.

Warm welcome in Himalay country Nepal, we are going to celebration visit nepal 2020 for sharing Nepalese culture ,food, & life style. Please kindly refer your friends & families too.
Thank You

I have following 2 proposals

1. I am looking for a  business partner for a small village Resort who can live and manage and operate the resort. I have beautiful land in Shivapuri Village facing mounting. I have already started building and landscaping works. I live in canada now, but planning to move in Nepal for my retirement.
This project is expected to generate approximately $10-$20 thousands monthly if we can build as per the master plan. I can help for marketing and locals tourists will be enough.

2. I have 5-6 hectares agricultural lands with newly built 2 bedroom homes. I want to lease this home and farm lands for long term lease.

Anyone interested to run homestay, organic farming and other agro businesses, can contact me for further details.

Both above project are available for expats, NGO or anyone interested.

Hi, I am interested in your proposal. Please send me the financials and then we can proceed further. Good luck

Hello, Hope you have found the land already? If you are still in search please let's discuss, i may be able to help you out. Please know i am not agent or such. I know few people, who are well connected they ll know suitable lands for agricultural, specially now. Best ?

@nabjuna can you help me to know farmland prices in Nepal please

@TheTraveler2020 it's depends where you from country of your origin

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Hi Thapapu, I and my friend are expert organic farmer and beekeeping expert, and we are looking for means to move to Nepal.

We are interested to rent your farmland and accommodation, or any other cooperation with us which you can think of, only don't know if your plan is still available.

If your answer is yes please kindly reply me by email:

Pang Pang from Hong Kong

Thank You So Much. So Amazing!!