Planning a Visit to Nepal

I will be in Nepal from mid August to mid October. I am interested in finding volunteer work that I would enjoy returning to perform every yeat. This will be my first trip and I want to spend alot of time in the Kathmandu Valley. Do you recommend staying at one spot(guest house) in Kathmandu or would you suggest getting accommodation in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan? I would welcome your suggetions as to hotels, guest houses and anything else. Thank you.

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Thanks for planning to visit Nepal. Yes you can stay in Kathmandu because of easy transportation and reachable.
Bhaktapur and Patan are quite and good places to stay than Kathmandu but the transportation and other means are not easy like in Kathmandu.
What type of volunteering you like to do?
Volunteering Teaching, serving in orphanage are very much common in Nepal. But if you like to Join in some of corporate works, also we can assist you.

Thanking and have a pleasant stay in Nepal.

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Thanks for your reply

I understand that I can take buses and taxis to most places in the Kathmandu Valley at a reasonable price.

I am interested in volunteering at an orphanage but I am open to any suggestions which you may have as to volunteering as well as other locations in Nepal that are worth visiting. I don't have much interest in long treks or Mount Everest. Chitwan is a possibility, but again, not a major interest. I am very interested in the historical and spiritual aspects.

Tibet would be great to visit but it looks quite ezpensive.

I would like to know what kind of volunteering wishing to do here in Nepal, my field is forestry for livelihood, we work throughout the country in 27 districts from east to the west, particularly, in mid-hills. Therefore, if you are interested in the forestry to support livelihood we could give space to you. But you need a little resources,,we don't have more support to you. You may explore for detail programme.


Pashupati Koirala

if u r planning to come to nepal...
then i could guide u in every aspects and fields. U could stay in my house i do have a room for u extra though my house is simple. We could be host family for u.
Anyway, i could find u a volunteer work in nearby orphanage.
I am also working too.
I would take u to different places. If u wanna contact me please do send me an email in the inbox of mine.

Thank u

greetings from kathmandu,