Renting in 'traditional' villages while commuting to Patan?

I'm moving to Nepal soon, with family. Are there any small villages within 30 minute commute of Patan (e.g., villages SW of Kirtipur) in which an expat could find a 'traditional' house to rent, with a 'traditional' surrounding (garden, possibility of animals, pretty scenery), away from the noise of major roads?


Why not trying directly in Patan? Patan is a heritage site and all houses  with exception of the major road are in traditional Newari style. I am afraid that farm houses at the outskirt of Kathmandu are too far from your working area (if Patan is the one). There is huge traffic congestion in Kathmandu when office time starts and ends. You can get stuck in morning and afternoon traffic for no lesser than one-and half hour. One can spend up to two hours by taxi to get from one site of Kathmandu to the other.