Cheap hotel near air port

where is the nearest hotel or tourist attraction area near air port where expats can find hotel 30 $ per night?

At $30 a night, you will be able to find very good accommodation. There is one just in-front of the entrance. I think it is named Airport Hotel.

Here is a list that should in nepal

If you walk down the hill to the street below the airport you can find some cheaper guest houses. You would need to go slightly to the right at the street and then take the side street. As you walk down the side street you will see about 3-4 cheaper guest houses. I included this area in one of my blog posts a couple years ago.

The only thing that may be a bit different is that they have changed the taxis at the airport to be nice and new, and a bigger flat rate. If you want to save money on the taxi you need to go out of the airport through the parking lot to find some taxis outside. These guys will be more eager to cut you a break.