Housing in Nepal


our new housing in Nepal section is now available.

You can now post all your housing offers and requests in this new section.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions with us, your feedback is appreciated ;)




The easiest way to get a room in Nepal if you want to stay a long time is to ask at your guest house and offer a small reward, maybe 1,000 NRs.

Unfortunately, the problem with the commission structure is that it isn't always disclosed and it is way too high for most things. The other thing is that most everything is negotiable. Never pay the amount, either of the price or the commission they ask. And find out how much commission you are paying.



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Him . you mean housing business ?or ?
i am also a housing business men in kathmandu nepal .

Hi bhoj raj gadtaula,

The section Housing in Nepal here is to post advert(Not services), to offer or in search of accommodation.

As you are a professional, I will suggest you to register you business in the Real estate in Nepal Directory section, this might surely help.



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