Looking for a flat - Lazimpat/Naxal (Kathmandu)

Hi All,
Just joined this amazing platform, will try to be as active as possible in the future.
I have been living in Nepal/Kathmandu for almost a year, staying in Baudha then Gwarko (Lalitpur). Currently I am looking for a flat (2 or 3 bedrooms) to rent in Lazimpat/Naxal areas ideally. Been looking so far on "KtmKtm google group" and "hamrobazaar.com" without success.
Any help greatly appreciated. If any of you have Nepali friends renting a place, please do let me know.
Cheers, Nicolas

Hello nico4380,

Have you tried the Housing in Nepal section? Feel free to drop an ad, giving specific details about your requirements.

Best of luck.


https://www.expat.com team

Hi Sarvesh,
Thanks for your help !


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Hi Shiva,
Thanks for your message.
This looks interesting, although it will be a bit far to commute there by bicycle. That is the main reason I am looking for something available more centrally.
Thanks anyway.

You are welcome.

Namaste Shiva ji ,

                  I am interested in your offer plz send some photos of your flat on my mail

E mail -    ***


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Are you still looking for an apartment centrally located in Kathmandu?