Pet travel to nepal

I need some help regarding pet travel, my pet is a golden retriever, 2.9 months old, he is 26kg .The problem im having now is the size of the cage and the weight including my dog's weight. I want to fly via china southern airlines but the size they mentioned 40*60*100cm   and it shouldn't exceed 32kg with my pet inside which is a small size cage and will exceed 32kgs, they told me i cannot fly with my dog. Then the other option i have now is THAI CARGO because THAI CARGO does live animals shipping, i want to know do we need to pay at custom if we do CARGO? and if we need to, how much would that be.

Help much needed,

So I don't have an answer for that but we are moving to Nepal and finding a home for our dog Thor.

We are not going to bring him to Nepal he is a Dutch Sheperd and way too expensive. The problem is the lack of space to run him in and the fact that street dogs are everywhere and are aggressive. We will place him with family who will love him as we do.

Street dogs have diseases and your dog is too big to be cooped up inside or will be in time.

Unless you are in the country away from towns, villages, or cities you may not like the experience as others have had this issue as well.

I have taken my dog, years ago. from Nepal to Germany and back to Nepal. It was stress for him, definitely, But finely he enjoyed being here with me. The stray dogs are not a problem actually, one can get a flat or house with garden a bit outside the cities. And carrying a stick is helpful. I never beat a dog, but others do, so they know what a stick means. Unfortunately.

It is costly to bring a dog here. I know. But one should think about that before getting a pet.
The dog I am talking about,  is dead since long, became 16 years old. I have  four dogs now, I kept them as nobody wanted them. I am going out once in a while for a holiday. But I found someone very nice to take care for my dogs then. Day and night. they know that person of course and they like him.

so, it is possible, just a bit more difficult than in Europe.  And more work involved. Starting with providing food. We are cooking for them, In Europe people are opening a tin  or giving dry food. In a country like Nepal we have to do it ourselve.

Main thing what I wanted to say, one has to think before. may it getting a big dog or a small one, its a responsibility.

Nice to find a fellow dog lover..  We have the one in the US and then 3 (now two) in Kathmandu that we love.

Have had some issues with dogs on the street ending up in stitches and our dog "Thor" hates travelling and its usually about 40 hours from our home to Kathmandu.

We have a large area at our house my wife owns in KM for dogs and have been fortunate that way for sure.

A little Bakshish might go a long way when it comes to fees paid for your pet to the authorities.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Randall and Usha

I am a dog lover too, but actually, I do not understand what you were posting for . there is no clear question.

I am considering a move to Pokhara and will fly my three dogs from Pondicherry, IN.  All are street rescues, one I brought from the USA with me. My understanding is that your dog will be "valued" in customs and a tax of .... 40% will be levied.  I am not certain about the percentage but thought I read 40%. 

I would suggest contacting a vet in Kat that has experience with transporting dogs.

Good Luck!

you could contact hart nepal.\email [email protected]

'there are many . others, but I could not find other em iinail adresses]HART NEPAL is loccated in Pokhara and ,most of them no email. May be Hart Nepal can give yuo some iinformations.

One question is, how many dogs are allowed to be imported.
nce I wanted to move to India, but 2 dogs only eere allowed, but I had three. at the moment i have even four.

'when you manage it to come t0 Pokhara, may be e could meat once with al the dogs.bye bye

I believe it is two per person but I will bring them in two batches. My dog from the USA first and then the two Indian dogs.   

Thank  you for the info, I'll check it out.


I'm in India with my Jack Russell Terrier. We originally flew to Nepal February 2019 from the US. Now I'm in India and heading back to Nepal in ten days.

My dog, Bodhi,  weighs 6 kilos, does anyone know which airline I can fly from Delhi to Kathmandu with her in the cabin?

Been scouring and searching but hard to get a straight answer.

When we arrived in Nepal (this February) I didn't have to pay any fees for her, she is a spayed female and 11 years old. Has the policy changed since February 2019?

Anything else that is new? Anyone flown from India to Nepal with a dog? What paperwork was required? I have her US International Health Certificate, a Nepal Health Certificate dated April 2019. Current on rabies.

Last time we came in 2014 we walked right through, no customs or anyone asking for paperwork. Fortunately this year I had the paperwork just in case, good thing, because they required paperwork and an exam by a Nepalese veterinarian and I had to do customs paperwork. No fees though.

Thank you for your help!

When flying to Nepal from the States, a number of airlines are known to be pet friendly - American Airlines heads the list on the world rankings.
When flying to Nepal from Europe, I regularly use a pet friendly one which is Turkish Airline, via Istambul, and take my little less than 8 kg dog in cabin with me. On arrival in Kathmandu, I have never paid a single rupee. and this over many years.
As for flying from India to Nepal, it's a totally different kettle of fish.....
If you find a single nepali or indian airline which is "pet friendly" and allows pets in cabin, let me know!!!
I hate to say it, but I think it's a no-go situation.
(At best, you can send it in that horrid cargo section - in the hold - which - I myself - would never subject my pet to)

Thank you. From the US I've been flying Delta or Turkish air. Air India allows pets in cabin but they have different rules for different destinations, airplanes, etc. Tryin to get a straight answer has been impossible so far.

Buddha air in Nepal let me take her on two short domestic flights even though their policy is not to allow pets in cabin. It helps that she's a cute, small, mellow and well-behaved dog.

Wish you luck, and hope you get a straight answer from Air India sooner rather than later!
By way of general information, I just read on the net and I quote: "India is no longer permitting non-residents to enter the country with a pet"
Pet friendly nation?  (I thought that England's quarantine system was bad, but this takes the cake)

Hi there,

I realize this thread is a year old but I was wondering if anyone has any information on flying with “emotional support animals”. I don't know if there are many airlines within Asia who recognize this status.

I am moving to Nepal this summer with my 20kg English bulldog and because of her short muzzle she cannot fly in cargo due to breathing complications with the breed. I have her licensed as an ESA but I am now finding that many airlines either won't permit dogs of her size or any dogs in general.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I am a pet lover myself so I can thoroughly understand your predicament and can sympathize.
That being said,
1. I hope I am wrong, but I seriously doubt that you will find a single airline which understands the term or notion of "emotional support dog" in this part of the world. So frankly, I think you can forget about it.
2. Knowing the situation as it is and not as we wish it were, you may think this idea is far-fetched but the ONLY possible other option that is left open to you - in your case and for the reason you cite - in my view - is bringing that large size dog to Nepal by road.
Problem is that there are only two countries which share a land border with Nepal, India being the only viable possibility (we"ll exclude Tibet for this discussion)
I have no idea whether this would be feasible for you to consider doing such a thing, but from my perspective there is no other alternative.
If there is a solution, it will involve your having to hire a car at India-Nepal border and coming into Kathmandu by driving in, but not coming in by air.

Note: I fly everywhere with my small pet in-cabin with me  (including to and from Nepal by Turkish Airline) but then my dog weighs only 7 kgs and this is permissible.- I would never place my pet in cargo section....over my dead body!!!   
What else can I add?

Hi Beatricia2019,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post! I appreciate the empathy and the great deal of thought you put in.
I agree it would be my last option to have to send my little girl in cargo and it makes me incredibly anxious just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I have considered the options you suggested and there are issues I'm running into:
1. You're right about the notion of an ESA being nonexistent in that part of the world. Plus the airlines like Turkish Airlines that have more lenient pet policies have strict size restrictions.
2. My initial thought was also to drive from India to Nepal, only that India only allows Indian Nationals and residents to bring dogs into the country. Even if I could get into Tibet (which would be difficult to even be issued a permit to enter Tibet, considering I'm a Tibetan-Canadian) and take a train to Nepal it seems impossible. I read somewhere that Nepal only allows dogs in through their airport border and not land borders.
I am now grappling with the idea of postponing our move till the Fall and flying into Chengdu, China and then possibly flying her by cargo for the 3.5 hr flight into Kathmandu. I wouldn't even consider the thought of leaving her behind but I also don't want to gamble her life away :(
If you think of anything else please let me know!

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Tydorjee,
I am fast running out of ideas, but after doing some reading, I learned that while Thai Airways gave up its pet in cabin policy some years ago, it still has in place what they call a "Guide and Assistance dog" policy which allows passengers to take this type of dog with you on same flight as you are on in special and qualifying circumstances . Obviously you"d therefore have to file a special request perhaps best accomplished through your travel agent, and see if you can meet their medical or other requirements? If approved, the dog on the Thai plane does not occupy a seat but is nevertheless allowed to be "next to the passenger" or so I read in black and white. Probably need to get your family doctor to give you the medical certificate Thai requires but that is something you"d have explore and work out.. All I can say is that in the event you managed to get the approval, I also read that Thai Airways would make no charge for this service.
I fully realize this is last resort stuff, and it may be a non-starter who knows...? but why not take the time to try it? What do you have to lose? Once you determined it was feasible to do this, all you would have to do is fly into Thailand, and take a Bangkok-Kathmandu flight from there.
Who knows, the only expense you might have would be to buy a special harness for your Guide and Assistance dog but that is a detail!.
If you don"t succeed, try try again! Never give up!
Best of luck to you.

Omg just when I was losing all hope! Thank you so much  for all this information. I definitely don't have anything to lose, I will be exploring this option. I already have a doctors note from my family physician, and I hadn't considered getting the service from a travel agent but great idea.
Thanks for all your help yet again!

Where are you traveling from, the origin country?

Is your dog male or female? Will you be sterilization as soon as the dog is old enough?

I've traveled with my dogs from US to Nepal and India to Nepal many times. With training and care it can be done humanly, but it is not without risks.

I normally fly Delta, Turkey, or Qatar. My dog is small enough to fly in cabin.

The fees are quite reasonable and I've never paid more than $250 US one way.

You can do an online search for airlines that will fly animals in cargo. Then research their track record for this service. Fly an airline with experience and a good reputation with shipping animals.

They need to check the compartment pressure system and temperature control is functioning. You can request through the captain to check that the compartment is functioning and your pet has been safely boarded.

Once I was flying Delta and the captain and flight attendants pulled me aside to tell me the compartment wasn't functioning and my dog (I used to travel with two dogs, one too big for cabin) couldn't travel in the gold.

Fortunately, they were all dog lovers, and the captain winked at me and said “oh, but your dog is a service animal, she can fly with you in cabin.” And Dory flew in cabin for the first and only time. 😊

I shudder to think what would have happened if the people loading her didn't check the systems, or didn't report they weren't functioning, of if the system had failed in flight.

Now, when you arrive in Nepal.

Yes, street dogs can be a problem. That said, in the 1.5 years I've spent in Nepal traveling with a small dog, only twice did dogs try to bite her. She will never be off leash when we're in Nepal unless she's in a protected wall yard like we have where we stay in India.

Female spayed dogs are less threatening to the street dogs. And she is small enough that I can pick her up. She is also a gentle dog, not aggressive which helps defuse encounters.

How safe and comfortable your dog is will depend on you. Set up the walls to be fun and safe. Keep in mind each new walk in a new area will raise the curiosity of the street dogs. They work hard at being safe and protecting their little patch of real estate. Once you've gone on a few walks they'll realize your dog isn't a threat or trying to stake a claim.

Some dog owners with larger breeds walk their dogs with a cane or big stick. Usually waving it around does the trick.

If your dog is male it opens up a whole can of worms. If there is a female in heat nearby, if he is at all defensive or aggressive, these can become very complicated situations.

PLEASE commit to sterilizing your dog. There are too many dogs in Nepal and there is a growing movement “adopt don't shop” and you have an opportunity to set a good example and help educate dog owners in Nepal.

Best of luck,

Re entering Nepal with a dog. I regularly cross overland  with my dog on the southern border of Nepal and India. I carry a health certificate but have never been asked for it. On the Indian customs side they asked for a certificate once in six crossings.

I've also flown in to Nepal three times with a dog.

Have you traveled from Kathmandu to the US with your dogs? I am planning on taking my mini dachshund Coco back with me to New York soon. Do you have any airline that you specifically recommend? The more research I do the more I worry about making the right choice, I don't want her to overheat or get lost or something...I was considering Turkish Airlines since they would allow her in-cabin BUT she is VERY noisy and I worry that she would disturb the whole flight wanting to get out and visit with everyone and crying loudly if she can't!
If anyone has any tips for me I would gladly take them! I know pets fly all the time but this is my first time doing this and I am overly worried for my dog!!


Your golden retriever at three months is already that weight, 26 kilos?
That's a very very large puppy.

Things might have change regarding cargo, but as a few weeks ago, only Qatar was shipping pets v cargo.

Critical part of the equation, where are you flying to in the US? Qatar doesn't ship cargo to all US airports.

I recently shipped cats and dogs to San Francisco and cats to New York via Qatar cargo. They were rescues being shipped to new families in the US.

Double check the weight of your puppy, 26 kilos is 57.5 pounds, that's a very large three-month old puppy. That size puppy/dog wouldn't fit in a small crate.

I've traveled with in cabin and shipped pets from India and Kathmandu.

If your dog really is that heavy a puppy and cargo is your only option, I recommend you hire a cargo liaison. They can tell you:
-Which airlines are currently shipping pets
-What documentation you need for the airlines
-What the requirements are for the airlines
-What the cost will be

Currently, it is quite expensive to ship a dog or cat by cargo because of the pandemic the airlines are short staffed, and they are also taking advantage. They've practically doubled the fees.

With the help of a cargo liaison company it cost me $1500 US dollars to ship a full size dog who was 16 kilos/35 lbs. That includes the liaison fees, Nepali government fees, airport fees, and airline fees.

It is completely worth it to pay the liaison company, they do all the sorting, find the best flights, do the paperwork for shipping and import, confirm the reservation.

You will have to get a health certificate, fit for travel certificate, and have a current rabies vaccination. I recommend Animal Medication Centre in Chabahil, Dr, Sushil has a lot of experience processing the paperwork you will need.

I recommend Nabin to be your liaison cargo company 985103106 he is also on WhatsApp with that mobile number.

Best option would be to fly with your dog checked.

Good luck.

For inflight, in cabin, I would recommend Turskish Air because they allow you to get a one day visa that will allow you to take your dog outside and walk around. I went to visit the Hagia Sofia and square, it was really nice to take my dog for a walk, and of course for me to get out. The layovers are usually quite long and worth the day visa.

If you dog needs to fly as checked baggage, I would recommend Qatar. They are more humane and have a better system. I know if you ship pets with Qatar cargo they give the dog out of crate potty break. I don't know if they do this with checked baggage pets.

It would be worth while to train your dog to travel better in a soft carrier, what you would use in cabin. Take the dog in taxis, even maybe try a long bus trip. Make the soft travel carrier a safe and enjoyable place for your dog. If you can train your dog to be comfortable, it's a better way to travel.

If you can train your dog to travel in a soft carrier, it's also wise to train your dog to use a potty training pad that you can buy at most pet shops. When my dog was a puppy she couldn't go 10-12 hour flights without going to the bathroom. I was able to put the potty pad on the bathroom floor in the plain for her to use (pee) and dispose in the bin like a diaper. If the dog has a bm you can flush the feces in the toilet and dispose of the pad in the bin.

Depending on what you decide to do, let me know and I can give you travel tips for either in cabin or checked in a travel crate.

I haven't flown Cathay. Where are you travel to in the US?

Do you know your dog needs a current rabies vaccination given more then 30 days before travel, but not acceding one year? A health certificate and a fit for travel/flight letter? I recommend Dr. Sushil at Animal Medical Center in Chabahil. He has a lot of experience with the requirements and documentation needed for international flights.

Good luck!

PS. With the travel soft carrier, your pet might associate only going to vet perhaps? Start training by leaving it out, hiding treats in it, letting your dog explore and get used to it  that way. Put a piece of your clothing in it so it he associates you and pleasant smells in the carrier.

If you take him walking or to fun places in the carrier it will help him associate something positive.

Take trips in car/taxi/motorbike/bus (be covid safe!) and give him little treats and rewards for being good in the carrier. Start with short trips and build up. My dogs and cats learned to make positive associations with their carriers. My dogs have done a number of long international flights, bus, jeep rides in the region.

Hello, I just wanted to give an update on our travel to USA (JFK airport) from Kathmandu.
We chose Qatar Airlines because they seemed to be pet-friendly (they take the dog out and let them run and go potty and feed, etc.) We put her as excess luggage because she really is too loud to be in the cabin on what ended up being 5 and 13 hour flights. (She has done long travels with us on the motorcycle and in cars before, and she barks the whole time, even when she knows we're going somewhere fun. Her love language is barking.)
I felt really bad and guilty but it ended up seeming like the only option.
Anyway, the excess baggage fee for her was $350 USD. We called the airport office for Qatar Airways and they gave us an email address to send the details of the carrier size and dog size and weight, etc.
When we went to the airport to check in they took Coco and escorted her to where she needed to go (I felt good about this bc they didn't just put her to the side or with the other luggage).
I worried the entire flight.
When we arrived in Qatar and were boarding our second flight to JFK the lady who scanned our boarding passes confirmed that we have a dog with us without me even mentioning it.
And when we got to JFK they brought her out with the oversize luggage. Her crate was not soiled and the extra wee-wee pads I attached to the top of her crate were gone, so I think they did clean out her cage while in Qatar. She was perfectly fine and happy (and barking, of course) to see us and did not seem traumatized at all.
Still, it was a long flight and way too stressful for me. I don't anticipate traveling with her, at least not this long of a flight, again. But it was a load off my mind that she was okay and safe and clean during travel and that the airport employees at every step of the way knew just what to do with her.

So glad it worked out well for you and you made it safe a sound. Whew 😅 a big relief!!!

Hi, I want to take my dog who is 6 years to Finland from Nepal. Where can i go for her passport and all essential documents?? What are other things that i need to do? Can you please help me.

I'm not familiar with Finland's pet policies. I recommend you start with your embassy for guidelines.

Dr Sushil at Animal Medical Center has years of experience with preparing pets to travel internationally. His practice is in Chabahil. He's an excellent vet.

I also recommend joining and posting your query on the *** on Facebook.

Best of luck 🍀

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When it comes time to preparing for your trip, reach out to me and I can give you tips and suggestions for traveling with your dog. 😃

Hi ! May I know the procedures regarding the travel thingy I've no idea how to take my pet along and I seriously want to take her with me it will be awesome if you could help 😭


Does anybody know do i need to apply with application from Nepali embassy to get permission to take dog with me to Nepal? On the website of Embassy of Nepal in London, there is written about application that needs to be sent to them regarding this.

Has anybody heard about this kind of thing?

Although I haven't tried to transport a dog, from what I've heard from other expats is that there are some things you'll need to do and at one point I heard there was a quarantine requirements. Contact any vet. in Kathmandu or in the Kathmandu Valley.