What are the process of getting unmarried certificate

My born place was syangja and I want to get marry to my filipino girlfriend but one of the requirements to get marry in Philippines is the certificate of unmarried but I don't have any idea Where to get that? And the process of what to do next? Can anyone help me. Thank you guys


Based on my Nepali husband's experience, you can get your unmarried/single certificate at your nearest/domicile ward. Last year my husband got his before getting married with me. Hope it helps.

It should be attested by consular right? Do I need to go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in kathmandu? Or it can be done in my domicile? Thank you so much

Yes, you can get it attested from the Department of Consular Service - Ministry of Foreign Affairs. it will cost you NRs 500/stamp. Make sure you carry the copy of the Unmarried Certificate, copy of ID Card, copy of Passport, and copy of Birth Certificate. Bring the original as well!
Anyway, sometimes they will ask you to provide other documents, so make sure have everything you might need. Better to be prepared rather than not. Be early as well, last time my husband spent almost two hours there.

You have to get unmarried certificate from your ward office of your registered address so in your case you would have to get it from syanja. If you have officially moved to Kathmandu and have a permanent address here because you have a house then you can get it issued from your own ward office.

How i can get unmarried certificate from nepal

Me i know what other requirements of unmarried
And how about our daughter i planning i bring to nepal.what is her requirements?

Thank you for this information.
Is there a format which can be used for unmarried certificate? Or is it a completely handwritten document?
Also what all details this document should have so that the ward can attest it?

You should go to your district's ward office for an unmarried certificate, which is where your citizenship is issued. Alternatively, if you have relocated to Kathmandu,you may obtain from the ward office of your residence in Kathmandu if you have a migration letter.

I contacted the ward and they were not aware of such document so they asked me that they will be giving a hand written document and asked me to come up with the necessary details.
Could you please let me know which all details I should put there in this hand written document?
I have a valid passport and citizenship card with me.

hello, i have a birth certificate  to be attested where can i go in nepal  to make the document attested please.

Alpana Madam Namaskar,

I have married girl from India and made Marriage Certificate in Nepal and now parent of Girl are looking forward to register Marriage in India for which NOC is required. Can I write in Certificate issued by ward that I was unmarried but now married from this date?