Filipina getting married to a nepali

Hi everyone,so nice to be here.
I am kat a filipina, my bf is a nepalese. He wants to come in the philippines this year and wants to come back in nepal with me. I wonder what visa should we apply for me to settle there without marriage yet. Every idea is highly appreciated. Thank you

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Hello i am a Filipino, I have a Nepalese boyfriend and we have a baby girl, I just want to ask how can we go easily in Nepal?

i have option to go esy  nepal

If you come to Nepal on or after Aug. 1 you can stay until the end of May the following year. This is because you can only stay here for 5 months in each calendar year but they do not require tourists to leave, just renew the visa from here.
A couple things you need to keep in mind: You and your husband will both have to go each year to the immigration dept. together to renew the visa. Sometimes foreigners married to Nepali get disappointed because the family steps in and wants money if you want to settle in Nepal. Family is really important to Nepali. Never underestimate the power of the mother.
You will still be limited as to what you can do for work on a marriage visa. People think Nepal is too disorganized to really care about things like visas and wives working, but it's really serious and the police do care about such things.

hey there all. can anyone suggest if my Filipino wife can apply working abroad in Kuwait staying there in Nepal? it'd be a great help, 😊

I am from Nepal and I have a lover from Philippines we wanted to marry, so how to process to get marry with her and I needs to know about whole processing.

Thank you.

Have you already legally married in the Philippines? Or will you marry for first time in Nepal? Either way both of you will need to collect and submit some documents in-person in Kathmandu. It can be a little complicated - here are the steps:

Your lover will first need to get a no objection letter/affidavit to marry from the Philippine Embassy in Nepal - and sometimes it can take a long time to get an appointment at a foreign embassy. She will also need to have the marriage laws of the Philippines translated into Nepali by an approved translator and then have all the documents notarised. You will need to get proof that she has already stayed in Nepal for more than 15 days from the local ward office where you live. The Nepali partner will also need to get a no objection letter to prove you are single from your local ward office. Then once you have all these documents you can submit them to the District Administration Office or District Court and bring two witnesses and after they verify everything they will schedule a court marriage. Once you have the marriage certificate you can go together to Immigration Office at Kalikasthan to get the marriage visa. First time, they will only give you a marriage visa for 6-months, and then you will need to go back together to immigration for a 1-year visa.

Some lawyers will offer to assist with collecting and submitting all these documents for a fee of about 10,000 NRS or so, but if you follow all the steps carefully there is no reason why you cannot do this yourself.

I don't know how the Philippines Embassy is, but many foreign embassies in Nepal can take a long time to get an appointment, so it is helpful to plan in advance if your lover is on a tourist visa. Once you have the letter from the embassy the rest of the process can take 2-3 weeks if there are no delays. Don't wait until your lover has only a couple weeks left on her visa to start this process, or there may not be enough time to collect and submit all the documents.

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