Pets in Nepal

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Nepal have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Nepal? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Nepalese think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


1. ¨To the best of my knowledge, there is no problem about bringing a pet to Nepal when you arrive there at the airport from abroad
2. However, perhaps it would be best to first focus on how to get it out of Nepal?
    A. first, if it's a small pet and you really care about your little pekinese or bichon or small basset etc.,
         you will not want to put it in the hold treated like cargo but rather have it travel with you in cabin.
         But then you should know that in the old days, I always took Thai Airways and had no trouble 
         because they accepted small pets in cabin. But then about 18 months ago, Thai changed its
         policy and decided no more pets in cabin!  To make a long story short, the ONLY airline that
         you can fly on to leave bound for Europe or America via Istambul is Turkish Airline subject
         to certain conditions:
         a. that your pet and pet carrier case weigh together  no more than 8 kilos and meet their carrier 
         case measurements in terms of height, length and width (each airline has its own regulations)
         b. that you make prior arrangements with that airline and pay for your pet excess baggage fees
     B. So no choice if you are flying to NY, London or Paris from Kathmandu and want your pet
         in cabin as accompanied baggage; Cost is 25 dollars per kilo. Example: if your pet and
         case together weigh a total of 6 kilos, the cost is 150 dollars - dimensions/weight must meet
        individual airline requirements.
    C. But then you need to go to a vet no earlier than 10 days before scheduled flight time and have the
        vet fill out all the numerous forms some of which for EU for example run 15 pages and certify that
        the animal is healthy, has an electronic chip insert with number, EU animal passport or equivalent
        That documentation also requires the approval stamp of the Nepalese government
    D. A psychologist's certificate certifying that you need the pet to fly with you as an emotional support
         dog will be required.
    E. and don't forget to have your pet - dog or cat - listed on your air ticket or printout  - this is
        most important
    F. During the flight, the pet must be kept inside the approved carrier case and not let out

So much for Turkish, which I used, having no difficulty whatever on my most recent flight with them

But then, with any other airline, I think you can forget it because other airlines will either not accept your pet onboard or else insist that it be placed in the hold like a vulgar pig, sheep, goat or whatever which for us - animal lovers of PETS - is inadmissible - So forget Air India, Qatar, Gulf, Nepal Airline, and all the rest of them if you want your pet in cabin with you.
NOTE:  In EU countries, or USA one can always find an airline like Air France, United or Lufthansa, etc which accept small pets in cabin.....but on middle east countries, they might accept falcons - yes _
but dogs for example are considered as ¨dirty¨ to start with.... so forget it!! Imossible. So for example if you were thinking of going to Laos or Thailand from Kathmandu with your pet in cabin with you.... FORGET IT!!!!

From the above, it follows that if your pet was purchased in Europe, for example, it automatically will have an electronic chip number, of insert under the skin. And your pet will have an pedigree, EU rabbies certificate from selected approved labs in EU etc.  But what if the pet is born in Nepal?  To the best of my knowledge, there is NO equivalent and doubt if electronic chips even exist in Nepal?!
In addition, do not assume that all vets in Kathmandu are knowledgeable about pet regulations, EU rules etc because they are not. I would recommend Advanced Pet Hospital and Research Center (Dr
JHA) - They know the rules and regulations but outside of the capital, I doubt if one can find anyone who is knowledgeable about these things as they related to travel outside of the country cum pet!!

As far as the attitutude of Nepalese people toward pets in general, I think you will find that the buddhist culture and buddhists in general are the most tolerant toward pet animals in general.
For example, I remember taking my pet with me to visit Temples in Burma. No monk ever stopped me.
But try and take your pet to Pashupatinah for example....See what reaction you get! In contrast therefore;  It is no accident for example that Air India does not accept animals on their flights.  Pets are not in their culture. Nothing comparable to. say?English culture where in England, for example, there might be 50 million PET animals.....perhaps more??!!  Attitude toward pets in Nepal is changing but very very slowly.
In Kathmandu, dogs are often kicked or maltreatred and if you take your pet to the city, even on a leash, You will notice that a good number of the passerbys avoid you...very often scared because they fear the animal will bite them!  Attitudes of the nepalese toward pets are changing and nowadays in 2016 one sees a good many more breed dogs in the city than ever before;  but this having been said, you notice that the great majority of the breed and/or non-breed dogs that one sees at the vet office are guard dogs  and only a relatively small number are man's best friend AS COMPANIONS OR PETS which in fact is the title of this heading/subject matter of this page.
I will finish this article by recalling an incident which took place in Thamel Kathmandu some years ago, which sticks in my mind. I remember going into one store which was owned by a muslim person.  Naturally as I always do, I had my little doggie companion with me.  I had a long and friendly chat with the owner, looked at all the things like scarves and bags and cushion covers he had for sale in the shop and at the end of my visit to that shop, the owner said to me politely but firmly:
¨I must ask that next time you come back to my shop, you do NOT bring your pet
Surprised, I turned to him and said: ¨of course, I shall respect your wishes and not bring my little dog to your shop next time.......but if I may you mind telling me WHY?¨
To which, this Thamel shop owner answered:  ¨in muslim religion, the dog's nose is dirty¨

One has to respect other peoples thoughts, attitudes, culture and traditions..... or leave your pet at home!!!!!!!

Thank You So Much. So Amazing!!