Catsitter needed in Kathmandu

I will be leaving kathmandu in about a few days and have 1 very shy,quite attached to me moggy  7 year old male cat.I would like to know if there are any catsitters available in and around the kathmandu area who could come over like twice a week and take care of the cat..just checking up on his health,food etc..he doesnt play a lot with strangers .

The other option is keeping him at your place while iam gone but he doesnt adjust well to new places especially if there are too many other animals around  especially dogs.

My address is sunakothi,lalitpur patan..which is slightly outside of kathmandu.This job is temporary and  fees or charges can be discussed after finding out about the  type of service that will be provided.

The petsitter should speak some hindi or english and should be able to provide  regular updates while Iam gone.

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to be honest i'd have taken care of the cat for free ( i love cats ) but i guess its too late now - post was in january and im not in Ktm anymore - hope you found a valid sitter during that time.


Thank you so much for your reply..well Iam still looking for someone who can keep my cat at their place but needs to have a garden and not too many other pets..

Any suggesions for anyone you know in Nepal would be hugely appreciated..


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Hello Tanya.

You may drop an advert of your search here in this section : Everything for your pets in Nepal

This will help

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