how to apply for canadian jobs while living in saudi arabia?

Hello all,

Regarding jobs in Canada, they ARE NOT easy to find, especially from abroad. NOTHING beats being in Canada to conduct a job search and attend interviews. That always puts you ahead of all the others who are applying from abroad.

That said, it is still possible to find jobs using job search websites such as  or For newcomers to Canada I would recommend NOT trying to find jobs in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver since it will be much more difficult to find work in those cities. I'd suggest that you consider Calgary, Edmonton, or even Halifax.

Regarding sponsorship, that is a difficult situation. A sponsor must be either a citizen who also resides in Canada, or a permanent resident of Canada. They must also have some personal relationship to the sponsoree - either a family relative, long-term close personal friend, or employer of the sponsoree.

Please do not ask people here on the blog to act as sponsors, they don't know you and they will certainly not be willing to accept the legal and financial responsibilities that go along with sponsorship. Neither can they demonstrate to the folks at Citizenship and Immigration Canada that there is such a relationship which exists between you and them.

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Hi sir/mams,i was looking for a job somewhere  in canada would you please help me,?i am work in salon for 7years as a beautician?

hi!im want to be work in industrial sector bcz i have work experience in industry as a machine operator

Hi mam/sir...I was looking for a job some where there in canada...pls can you help me.Im working here in KSA as a WORK PERMIT RECIEVER(WPR).. 3yrs and 2mons... untill now my comp is subcontructor of SAUDI ARAMCO COMP...working by GAS /OIL WELLHEADS...pls help me sir/mam to find me a good job for me tnx and GOD BLESS US.

Hello mark anthony bernal llanes and welcome to

Concerning your job query, I suggest you read these articles from our guide to gather as much info as possible :

> Work in Canada

Kenjee Team

Nothing beats a job search while you're in the country and able to attend personal interviews, that always puts you well ahead of the game.

However, you could try a job search on the following sites:    or

James      Expat-blog Experts Team

@szocske @James

There's a new portal started by some IT developers that caters to the needs of those who are looking for companies who are willing to help them with their move. The site is

So folks in the tech space (there are some jobs in the portal that are not tech base e.g. marketing manager but is for a tech company anyhow), and wanna move to a foreign country can visit this site. Basically its a portal for the companies  who are willing wait a little longer and help out the right candidate get through the crazy bureaucracies of getting a work permit and also partially or fully sponsoring them.


Hi I m tamveer I m a tig welder I m working in saudi arab in 8 yaers I like to work in canada plz gaide me

I am work in saudi arabia . I awont go canada and work there how ill get work parmit visa from canada employer. Thank you

hi,,,me too trying that..could u plz help me fo that..???
me working as an accountant in a firm..for the pat few months....complted bachelor of commerce nd doing mba in finance in distance..

sooo anybody is there to help me?????

how ill get canada work visa

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is theereee anyone here who got job from thissssssss....or may by through you????????

Am want stay there or work there

Hi aliinayat65,

Welcome on board :)

I will invite you to please be more specific and maybe start by a proper introduction as it is your first post on the Forum :)

Thank you


Can anyone recommend reliable and result oriented "head hunters" in Canada. I have managed businesses of national and international level and currently am working at the GM level for a SME in Sultanate of Oman.
Eventhough, I am thinking of applying for immigration but would love to have a job offer before I apply, so, it will make the whole transition thing very smooth and less time taking.
Thanking you in advance,

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Hi my name is shoeb Hasan Khan I m living in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and I m from India my job profile in Saudi Arabia is that I m working in cake company as pose of sales man and head cashier in my store I m willing to work in Canada so is there any vacancies for me to work in Canada reply as soon as possible thank u :)

Dear Brother
Frankly speaking, if you are planning to come to Canada for your professional job, I would suggest you to stay in the Kingdom. The reason is "Most Canadian companies/employers don't recognize overseas qualification and experience. They prefer locally trained graduates and experienced candidates"
Please do not hesitate if you need additional information.
Muhammad Shafiq

Dear Mumtaz Khan
Frankly speaking, if you are comfortable in Oman, I will suggest you to stay there and never think about moving to Canada or anywhere else. In Canada, the situation for overseas qualified/experienced people has never been favorable. Mostly, the people from aborad are not comfortable in Canada. Job market in Canada is extremely competitive and Canadian employers mostly prefer locally trained and experienced candidates. But if you are willing to do odd jobs in Canada, you are most welcome. The choice is yours.
Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.
Thank you for your blog.
Muhammad Shafiq

Dear Mr. Shafiq:
      Thank you very much for the scary answer :-) probably true. But do guide me about one more thing; what are my options; let us suppose that I am unable to find a job which is relevant to my skills; but I still want to move there; as I am thinking for my kids education and so they are educated there and then are able to find jobs there. So, what should be my action plan. Should I focus on establishing a business there; if yes, then what kind of business do you think is to invest into; they typical 7-11 :-) or something else; which can give me a reasonable monthly income; where I can earn for a family of five; all kids are schooling going on right now. I will appreciate your response! Thank you.

Dear Brother
Thanks for your feedback. For your kids, yes. There are better chances for your kids to get good education as well as to grab a good job depending upon their future plans. For monthly income, you can do any business of your choice. In business, you would not depend on Canadian employers. Under such conditions, you will be much better, if you are successful to establish a good business of your abilities. I mean, in a business where you are comfortable to test your business abilities. I will definitely say 'yes' to business. For people from abroad, doing business is the best option.
M Shafiq

Dear Khan
Canada is actually a country of business opportunities. Once established, you will make progress smoothly as the Government is strongly backing up businesses. Within a few years, you will definitely start flourishing. Canadian immigration procedures are easy, simple and smooth, especially for businesses. I don't think you will face any big hurdle. If you do, there are many options available.
Please feel free if I could be of any assistance.
M Shafiq



Hi dear my name is waqar butt I am a steel welder I want work visa Canada plzz help me

Hello everyone,

@ Waqar butt, please go through the Living in Canada guide and the webpage to check your eligibility and so that you may gather a maximum info on how you may get a job and a work permit.

All the best,


       First of all thank you very much for your very very informative posts. They are all very helpful.
       Secondly, I am planning to migrate to Canada. I am a specialist in startups and renewed businesses. I am currently GM for an energy saving company in Muscat, Oman but as the kids are growing up and reaching the stage where my eldest will be starting his University next year; I plan to migrate to Canada. So, basically I have two questions:
                1) Can you recommend a reliable and result oriented immigration company from there; as there are several companies here and in UAE but to be honest with you; I don't trust them.
                2) You have mentioned to apply for jobs through consultants or professional head hunters; can you please recommend some of them. So, I may contact them; as I would like to start this procedure also. Thanking you,

Warm Regards,

hello i  am a welder gtaw+smaw process in welding pipe line i have experience oil and gas field 14 years diffrent gulf countries  now i am in currently saudia arabia i need some  help i want go canada  for work any body pls tell me how i will apply direct in company which website have employer direct hiring to canidate that will sponsor to me directly  and no need agent side company  i need directly canadian company sponsorship that will hire to me thanks

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Canadian immigration has become more complex in the past few years.  My best advice to you is to contact a recognized Immigration Consultant who is licenced by the Govt.

I can recommend "At Work Immigration", contact Ms Angelina AbuKhadra at [email protected]

Thank you so much sir for your advice...

Good Day!

Im seriously looking for a job in canada,how impossible it is to cross country from saudi line of work is in a pizza chain im working here for more than two years as a branch manager. Please guide and help me what to do.

Hello rheychiong,

Welcome to  :)

I suggest you to read the articles under the work section of the Living in Canada guide which contains useful information about the labour market and the legal framework in Canada.

Good luck


I am living in jeddah and look for opportunity in canada. I want
To know the possible way.


All is here:

Hello.. i would like to much will it cost to apply work visa in canada? Thank you..

Hello sir.. how much will it cost to apply work visa in canada? Thank you..

I want to work in canada. how can i apply for canada work permit? or apply for canada job here. I am an airline professional.

Dear All Team,

My name is Sandeep Shrestha from Nepal. Working as a People Development Coordinator in Al Baik Fast Food Company in Saudi Arabia since 2016. I have good experience and knowledge about people development and Certified Functional Trainer. Also food safety experience certificate Servsafe from American Virginia Tech. So, I wanna shift to Canada to take a new challenges and life experience. Hope  I will be a good lucker to step in Canada land very soon.
Waiting for your positiveand quick response.

Thanks & Regards,
Sandeep Shrestha

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First You have to check your eligibility with official site and register your profile for Invitation of Visa and Job offer