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Hi I am a mother of a seven year old boy who is now in gr2. I am looking for a job in jubail. My husbandd  is a migrant worker in jubail  we intend to move and stay with him . I am a graduate of BS Psychology with masteral units in education. I have experienced working as a counselor a teacher and a psychometrician ihere in the Philippines. I have a short stint in jubail for six holding  a visit visa with my son last year. Thank you very much..

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[at] Samia,

is the job still open ?

could you give me your title in Linkdin may i can help you to find a job for you

Hi...how are you?Do you work in industrial city?

hi please im asking about english or science teacher job in jubail
im moving to jubail by 1st of april and im a pharmacist
can u help me please if u can?

Hi Nanda Rashed,

Please drop an advert in the Jobs in Jubail section of the website so that you may get some offers.

All the best,

Hi want to know about salary and benefits given by Al Hassan school . Can anyone pls give details. Thanks

Hi, Samia is mail ID correct becoz I tried to mail u but I got failure notice.

Hi. I got selected in an interview for lecturer in Jubail university college I was told to wait for approval from MD.
May I know how long it takes to get offer letter followed  by visa to join the college? Some say ot takes 4 or more months for visa. I am afraid if I have to wait too long. Please share your experience as far as time taken for joining JUC. Please...

GuestPoster1032 :

Try in the international schools, but the salary is kind of law there, as far as I know.
By the way, you said you just move.... Send me a message in private if you want to get to know each other. I also have other Amarican friends and we organize once in a while meetings for girls that speaks English. We also have a private group on facebook. Let me know if you are interested.

Hi, I'm looking for mommy or female friends in Jubail...
I would like to join the group.
I speak english fluently

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