Anyone work for SASREF, also what salary is normal?


Had a call about a job working for SASREF, does anyone here know if they are a good company to work for? also what sort of salary should i be asking for as an IT engineer? what other job perks are normal?

Thanks :-)

That's a Saudi Aramco and Shell (50-50%) JV, and excellent company to work for in Saudi !! It's in Jubail on the east coast of KSA. Perks are best in the industry. Unfortunately no idea about their salary structure .... Good luck :)

Thanks for the reply,

what sort of perks are normal? i havent ever looked into working in the ME before, does housing normal come out of wages?

Also what is the area like for a single 30 year old male? lots to keep busy outside of work?

territt wrote:

what sort of perks are normal? i havent ever looked into working in the ME before, does housing normal come out of wages?

Perks as in Housing, Schooling, Medical Care and Travelling (Business class) to and fro to your home country once a year, These are the basic minimum perks which the JV's provide, subjected to you are on direct hire list !!

sorry if this is a stupid question but what does JV's mean?

JV means joint the case of SASREF its a joint venture between Aramco and Shell. If you are a direct hire perks such as basic salary is more and housing allowance and transportation allowance etc is added over and above the basic. Kids schooling, Medical and travelling will also be the added perks.

Being a single 30 in jubail the only thing i have found worth keeping busy is hitting the gym after work. Not much else to do here.

Does anyone know which compounds Sasref use for there staff?

I heard that they rent villas in some compounds for the expat employees for the time being and also Aramco is building a new compound in the Jubail Area :)

Hi, I have been offered Grade 17 position in Sasref on direct hire basis. Anyone pl indicate how much basic I can negotiate ??

IT department in SASREF is the best comparing to others last years. i heard about a hug project it will be installed in SAREE instead of PACER ( Obslate Program ) .

Hi, Territt, are you at SASREF now. Could someone let me know if anyone who has been made an offer,  how long does the process to get to Jubail take. Also has anyone got any idea if they have there own compound or hire accommodation  in a compound and which compound?
How do the Grade categories relate to each other. Are there any major differences between 17 or 18 or 19 and 20? What is the highest grade.


Hi engg_blue, how much basic salary is offered to u by sasref for grade 17

Hi Alpha, as I understand, the basic salaries set up in Saudi Arabia are based on an individuals current salary, say for example, I think they usually add on 25-30% of your current take home earnings and other benefits such as housing, schooling, transportation, etc. I guess it also depends on an individuals qualifications and experiences as well.
So with regards to salary, you need to understand on where you fit in best and if you think it a goer then do it otherwise you may negotiate if you think there is room.

All the best to you.

Hi Salmas 27,
When you say Aramco is building a new compound,  would this be for SASREF employees  or for Aramco employees, or does SASREF and Aramco work together, I understand that SAREF is a JV, so would th SASREF and ARAMCO work together on this.
Could you let me know which compounds they usually rent for their employees?

Thank you engg_blue.

Any idea how much an Indian engr with 13 yrs exp can negotiate with sasref for their grade 17.

HI Alpha,
As I said, it all depends on ones own circumstances with experience qualifications and current earnings etc. This is something which only you yourself can decide if you should negotiate or not and if you are happy on what is offered to you.

Apologies, as I may not have been much of a help.

has anyone had a chance to look at my questions??

@ Alpha123 you will join SASREF as what?

i am workin in sasref..