SABIC Recruitment Process Jubail


Several months after going through a job interview, I received a job offer from SABIC through their recruitment website I never got a phone call or an e-mail. Only the offer that I realized was there when I logged on their site and it was very detailed. It gave me the option to accept or reject and I decided to accept it. After it, I filled some other data they requested and after finishing, the system sent me an automatic e-mail saying that HR would contact me in the following 3 working days about the signing of the contract.

I find it a little bizarre this kind of thing. The offer was pretty clear in salary and in all the benefits so I didn't have any doubts and accepted right away. However, to this point over a week has passed and no one has called me or sent me an e-mail about it. It was all through the recruitment system. Does anyone have any recent experience in being recruited by SABIC? Do the offers are sent like that automatically through the system without a call or e-mail? How long does it take for them now to communicate with me?


Dear Friend,  I had experienced it but not for Sabic. That was another company.
It would be better if you try to contact with them over email of phone call and you would have better idea about the process.

Yes what you experiencing is the right way, they are giving electronic offer only.

Snejyot thanks for your reply. Do you know this from your own experience or someone you know? It's been about a month now since this happened and still no reply or new info from them. I've left a couple e-mails that have not been responded.