Job Offer From SABIC........Please advise

Dear All,

I'm a mechanical engineer , 8.5 years experience, I've got an offer to work in SABIC (Jubail) with a basic salary around 10000 SAR but the contract will be with a contractor (Dar El Riyadh).I know that SABIC is a very good company but I've a lot of concerns regarding working through a contractor not a direct hiring with sabic, so I want your advice in this situation:
1) Is it safe to work in SABIC through a contractor or they can end the contract anytime (What is the history in similar cases)?
2) Do anyone know any thing about DAR EL riyadh Company?
3) What is the possibility to join SABIC directly in the future (within 1-2 years).
4) Is there any benefits are not available to contractor's employees, what about bonus & annual increases?

The interview was with a supervisor from SABIC, the HR employee (from Dar El Riadh) told me that only your payroll will be from Dar El riady but you'll have all the rights of SABIC Employee' this a true information as from example the bonus wasn't mentioned in the job offer.
I need your advise to decide whether to travel or not because I'm so confused.

Outsourcing is on boom and monsters like SABIC and ARAMCO; even large corporates in Telecom sector (for example) do rare direct hiring. Main reasons are the current trends (outsource and save the pains) and government new regulations in HR industry.

Let me suggest you to resort to for someone who's in very similar situation and ask directly. And yes, Dar el Riyadh is a known name but I really have no idea how good they are in their policies & procedures.

Thank you very much for your clarifications, but is it safe & do I have the rights to take bonus & profit share & annual increases like SABIC employees......Is there anyone have a similar cases inside SABIC can advise?

Hey there,

I am working for SABIC but I am a direct employee though.

Fro contractors, all the benefits are same except you will not get yearly bonus. You are entitled for annual increment tho. And chances of being converted to direct frm contract is very rare unless u have special skills needed by the company. All the best....SABIC is a good company to work for.

Thank You "Vramakr" for your support, but from your experience is working with sabic through contractor" Dar El Riyadh" is safe & do they fire the contractors employees there a rules for this or it depend on your manager only??? IS the annual increase the same like SABIC employee & in your vision what is the percentage of the contractor employees in the company?
I'm sorry but I'm really confused as I'm currently working in a good place & in the same time I want to work in SABIC to get more experiences in such huge company but I've a lot of concerns since I know that the contract will be through another company?
Thank you again

Dear Omar,

I am not able to advise you from the contractor portion as I am not a contracted employee. Nevertheless, In my dept 3 of my collegues are contractors and they have beem with the company for 4 years now. Yes, SABIC policy is for localization meaning Saudization but I dont see a problem as contract employee being fired due to this. SABIC is a green zone company anyway so you dont have to worry.

Annual increase is the same you dont have to worry. There are contract employee working for more than 16 years also here. SABIC is a decent organisation hence you dont have to worry. Anyway about being terminated or fired, not necessarily it has to be contract employee even if its direct employee and not meeting company standards or ethics might be fired. Not only in SABIC but in any company.

Dear Omar,

" it is safe to work direct  with SABIC "

Hi Omar,
Of course it iw more safe to work direct hire. Dar EL Riyad is posting alot of openings in the last few months so this is a good sign anyway,
by the way, could you tell us what would be  your total offer? accommodation allowance ? family visa? health insurance?