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Hi? I'm Christine. Filipina and living here in Juail almost a year now. I'm a freelance blogger. I do blogging to ease the boredom of staying at home most of the time. I'm under my husband's sponsorship. Can anyone help me where to apply female work here aside from teaching? I searched the net for possible answers but no avail. Hope you guys will help me. Thanks. 😉

Hello, I have been trying t o search for a job for almost 3 years now.. I was teaching here as well but I didn't like it much. Have you found a job already which is not a teaching job? If so, please hook me up please.. ;)  :)

Hello there Krystal! What school are you currently in? Am still at home, more than a year now. But friends recommend, I'll apply in hospital admins. I might consider one of these days since husband work is not that stable.

Hi Tina, I used to work but I no longer work anymore. I resigned when I was 9 month pregnant. Hehe.. I just currently applied in Al Hussan International School and ISG Jubail again but no update yet..
You can try applying in hospitals for Admin jobs, its a good idea.
I just started my online job as well, since its difficult to find a job in Saudi..
Try doing online jobs, maybe you can find one.. Go to Upwork, there are tons of jobs there but lots of competition as well. I believe you can do it.

What online jobs you ladies are doing. I am pharmacist by profession, but could not find any job from last four year. Applied at school but mariya international offering too low, did not know how to apply at alhussan. Can you people help me to do sumthing to make some earning. Becuse I am just fed up this boredom. It's just killing me. Help me please. Please please

Hello Sairaghaffar,

I went to Al hussan to apply, they will just ask you to leave your CV then contact you once they will start interviewing.

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Your post is meaningless. How can we help you?

i want to job...i live in jubail saudi arabia

What sort of job? What educational or formal qualifications do you have?
How many years of work experience?

dbl mastr M.A urdu  and mcs
bsc daboul math..
teaching is best i think if any other ?


Hello everyone,

@ Iqrasajjad, the forum is not a job board. I suggest that you drop an advert and create your cv in the Jobs in Jubail section of the website. You may also read the Work in Jubail, you will find some useful tips.

All the best,

Did you find the job??

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