Civil engineer SABIC job through Jaddarah

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I have few queries to join sabic through Jaddarah.

1. What is salary range of civil engineer?
2. Bonus increament is same as sabic employees?
3. Weekly workng days are 5 or 6
4. After acceptance, how much time it takes?
5. How Jaddarah people negotiating in salary?

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Coming through Jaddarah means you are not direct employee of SABIC and will be considered as Contract Employee. You will not enjoy same facilities as of SABIC employee.

1. It depends on experience. SABIC direct hire has high pays while JADDARAH is relatively less (but it doesn't mean it is not high). It should be around 12-15k basic on 10 years experience.
2. Bonus is only for direct hire. Increment is also less. Sometimes no increment for contractors
3. SABIC direct hire has 40 hours while CONTRACTOR has 48 working hours weekly.
4. If you are coming on engineer visa, you have to attest your degree 1st then medical and visa stamping. It will take 2-3 months atleast. However,  if you are coming on Technician visa, it may take 3-4 weeks. My Advice is to ask for engineer visa.
5. Try to negotiate as much as possible and stop it once they tell you this is the last offer. Tell us yes or no.

One more thing, Jaddarah and other contractors are not providing 100% free medical insurance and empoyee has to pay 20-50% of medical expenditures while SABIC provides 100% free medical insurance.


Thanks Farhan for valuable feedback

What is basic salary range of jeddarah for maden plants if a person is instrument engineer with 14 years of experience.


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I am looking for a job. I am process engineer.