SABIC Contractor - Jaddarah Feedback / Policies


I have been offered employment at SABIC through Jaddarah Workforce Services company.

My total experience is 7 years.

Does anyone know about Jaddarah Contractor? Is it safe to work with Jaddarah? I guess its a new SABIC contractor. How are its policies? Please provide your feedback on Jaddarah.

How would anyone rate it as compared with Dar Al Riyadh or JAL??


Please reply. Your valuable comments are requested..

Please provide more details about the offer.


What is your job position? I was also offered by JAL for SABIC, but I'm still waiting for the official contract.

Position is Control System Engineer. Basic salary is 9017SAR. Full medical housing allowance transport allowance also. Return tickets family children education upto 18 years. My experience is 6.5 years including 01 year training.

Please provide your valuable insights.


The contract is for one year or two years renewable ?

01 year renewable.

What about Jaddarah?? Is it safe to work with??

Your reply awaited!!!!!

Dear ,
It  is  new Global contractor  for  SABIC. . In future 70 %  SABIC business will go to Jaddarah in future . If some one have Jaddarah e.mail  and telephonic contact . Please write here.
JAL and DAR -AL-RIYADH are old Global contractors of SABIC .

Hi USGuy,

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