SCE permission has expired already

I have already renewed my SCE membership but they have changed it to Engineer from technician. But when my company is trying to renew my Iqama they have been given an error by muqeem "SCE permission has already expired". when I contacted SCE they told that everything is updated from their side I need to contact Jawazat. When my mandoob contacted Jawazat they told that nothing can be done from their side....Kindly can anybody suggest what needs to be done? My iqama got expired during this process but still its showing the same error.

use the Electronic service Update Iqama number or border no ....  to update your details  in Jawazat  . and you may need to pay 100 SAR and the issue will be resolved  . try this

Hi, How to pay this 100SR as we dont have any Sadad number. Whenever we have to pay any fee then a message is received with Sadad number. Please advise.

@kamranbut129 facing the same issue ?