Hi,can anyone tell me if it is legal to run a mobile food van(poss fish and chips)in Spain?.How does the laws in Spain work?

To be honest Neil - I think this could be a problem. Given the higher temperatures (food hygiene problems) and the different bar culture (cheap quick snacks ie tapas)I have never seen food sold from vans. But ask at your local town hall for local rules and regs. on this issue.

Good Luck!

Hi Neil,

I did know someone who tried to run an Ice Cream van, and as I recall there was some issue with having to have a permanent plot. He couldn't just pull up anywhere.

It's probably best to ask a gestor the laws.

Yes I thought of this post the other day when I saw a sign - can't remember the exact Spanish but translated in means - Its illegal for mobile sellers to sell in this town........and there are lots of those signs around. The policia local will arrive and ask to see you licence, which you probably can't get!

In the small villages of Cantábria (in northern Spain), these town-to-town food vans are totally common. There's the bread van, the fish van, the meat van, and sometimes the dried goods van too. The fish/meat vans have refrigeration units from where the driver will take the food and sell to the public directly.

I don't know HOW they are able to offer this service but they do - and have for years. Selling COOKED foods like "Fish and Chips" could be a whole 'nuther matter altogether. I'd imagine you'd first need a kind of vendors license and you'd also have to be a registered company.

As jojo1970 mentions above, be sure to ask the details from a "gestor". (S)He should be able to setup the company for you too.

Saludos, MadridMan @!