Hello I was wondering if you can help me

I am a recruiter specialising in placing people into new jobs. I'm currently in a situation where I have an Italian lady about to get a job offer. For her this is a fantastic opportunity, but it would mean a move from Italy to Belgium, with a child. She loves the job, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her.

She's just a bit apprehensive about the move, and this apprehension might cost her a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's obviously very daunting. I was wondering, would you be up for having a chat with her about your experience? I think the fact that you're italian and living in Belgium could really help. This is quite urgent, so please get back to me, I would really appreciate it.


Hello elena.kyri.

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What kind of advices is she seeking for?

Cost of living? Accommodation? Schools for her child?

Please, help us by asking us questions on the Belgium forum.

She can also create an account on and ask the questions herself about her fears.

Thank you,

Yes I will direct her to this site-I was looking for somebody who would be willing to have a chat with her about how they found the change.

I think her main issue is the move itself-and the change. She wants to be sure that Belgium is a better localtion for her and her child than Italy. This really is a great opportunity for her and I think she just needs reassurance.

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