Looking for friends in Mauritius

am new in Mauritius and currently looking to meet up with girls   already there.
thanks and regards


I would advised you to go to Kenzi Bar at Flic en Flac on Friday or Saturday night to meet people.

Cheers and welcome to Mauritius


we can be friends! But a small problem. I am in the North.

You may send me private message if you wish.

C u!


Im in flic en flac, let me know if you wanna meet up. :)

Welcome to Mauritius looking forward to meet you soon :)

i suggest that we all girls we can organise a meeting point where we can meet each week end.Those interested can give other suggestion too.

Let's Go =)

Hi there! I'm in Poste de Flacq, new here in Mauritius, can't wait to spend daytime with girls while my boyfriend is at work!

hi would like to make friends with ex pat so please feel free to email on ***

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Hi I'm from Germany and at the present still in Singapore
I'm soon moving to Mauritius this August.
I'd like to keep in touch with expats like me near Pereyberre to give me some advice and infos where to and whats up in Mau.


Hi Kenzi,

   I just saw your message on the forum, hope you don't mind but I wanted to inform you that I'm working at the Airport along with some 50+ Philippina's, they often have party's here, birthdays etc, you would be welcome and your friends should you wish to hook up sometime... my name is Barry, I'm from the U.K.



Sorry Skiffle, the message is for you, got the name wrong..hmmm!!

Hi add me to your friend list and we can meet when u r here!!!


I am a professional and have always concentrate on my job and study.  i would like now to have a group of friends who can be part of some outings, dinners and holidays.  i think it is now time to change some habits and to have some fun.


Me too im up for a girls get together! I live up north tho. If anything happens let me know. :)

Im a Londoner whose been in Mauritius for a while but now trying to get to know other ex pats.

Hi girls.... It would be great to meet up with some fellow expats.  I moved here about 7 months ago from the UK working on contract.  I live near Grand Baie, give me a shout if something is arranged

This seems an Interesting group. Sharing a free time in valuable way. Cheers.I am looking forward to join a team of expat in Mauritius. I am also a foreigner in Mauritius.

Hey do let me know for outings.

If anyone is working in Port Louis, let's have lunch during the week!

I'm looking for things to do after work! BTW, is anyone taking French classes or signed up for a gym (w a pool?). I live in Quatre Bornes and would like to start something productive!

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Whats d crack peeps!!feel like staying in bed today..anyone willing for a drink later in vacoas later,59049088

Hey guys, I'm a University student here in Mauritius, it would just be really cool to meet other students if possible, or even just other people down for a good time. Looking forward to getting to know everyone :)

Hi Barry,

I am coming over in the UK in first week of December and I have couple of friends joining me.

Is there anything happening at your end that we can join in on.



Hi there Nafe,

Welcome. Sure would love to know more on your side as well.

Please feel free to contact me on my mail: veekra[at]gmail.com

Afterwards, we can decide further- BTW, I work at the University of Mauritius, reduit itself, quite near to MOKA.

You will sure have a lot of advantages in my company - plenty of outings, hiking, even access to Gymnasium of the University, etc ..

have a nice day ..


Hi Jeena2,

You are most welcome to change your habits for a while.

I am ready to fulfill part of your requests, especially outings and fun in nature.

If you feel interested, PM me and we can see what is possible.

Or Mail me on ***

Best regards

sounds interesting.. count me in..pvt message me if u plan something

I live in Flic en Flac and would love to be part of girly evenings

Hi Emma,

I am coming in the first week of December and will be living in Flic en Flac.

Lets arrange for a few of us to meet up - Lavida is really nice.



Sounds Great Kam but Lavida has gone :(
It looks as though its being reopened after a refit but I'm not sure what it will be


Try mygym.mu which in Jumbo Commercial Centre in Phoenix (got gym and heated indoor swimming pool).

Otherwise you can try Le Pavillion Swimming Pool (outdoor heated swimming pool). It's owned by the government, thus hugely subsidised. 1hr swim costs Rs50. On week days, public can swim from 20:00 to 21:00.

regards gj

MauriK :

If anyone is working in Port Louis, let's have lunch during the week!

I'm looking for things to do after work! BTW, is anyone taking French classes or signed up for a gym (w a pool?). I live in Quatre Bornes and would like to start something productive!

Hi Emma,

Oh that is sad! Anyway there are lots of lovely places to meet, even a picnic on beach would be good.

I will contact you once I am in mauritius.



Unfortunately I'm not a girl .. But always looking to meet new friends around the area, I'm currently in flic en flac

Feel free to message me if anyone would like to meet for a drink.  :)

-Ben from Canada

Hi Ben,

I think it should be open to everyone, so good on you for sending your message.

Once I get there, let organise for few of us to meet up.



Absolutely anyone and everyone invited

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Hi Girls.  Please let me know.  i would love to join too.


Will keep you in the loop!



Hi Kam

Good to hear you're back in Mauritius.

Just to let you know that the Salsa Club is organising a Salsa Nite at Henessy Park on Saturday 13th December.

Fancy meeting me there?  That would be great!

Looking forward to hear from you.



Hi Clitie,

That would be great!

Count me in!

Is anyone else interested in meeting on 13th?



Hi.  I would like to join in, please tell me the time and where we are going to meet.

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