Pregnancy in Milan


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in Milan?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in Milan?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice !


Hey Christine, i am also pregnant and getting my Second Child in Milan. I' ve heard from my Hausbands Collegues wifes that ospedale buzzi is One of the best to get your Baby born. It.'s very modern and New and the doctors should speak english. My gynecolocist Works at ospedale Pios x. I met him once and he is very nice. His name is dott. Franco vicariotto in via moscova. I would recommend him. He Speaks english and German and has an excellent Team 24/7.maybe you visit both.

What are you Doping in Milan and would you like to meet.

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Thank you for this useful information, i'm sure this will definitely help other members.

Christine from team

I would suggest the hospital "Mangiagalli". It is the gynecological  department of the hospital "Policlinico".
In the national ranking it is the best hospital where to give birth.
This is a public hospital but there is also a private part in case the patient prefers to have a single room and a private gynecologist.
there are many good hospitals in Milan and if you need to ask somenthing about any of them or if you need names of gynecologists who speak a good English, just let me know.
It is useful to know that in front of Mangiagalli there is an important pediatric hospital. In case of the emergency there are the best neonatologist ready to come.
It is situated in the center on Milan (Via Commenda 12).
In Milan public hospitals are usually better than private ones, while in other cities it is the opposit (in Rome for example).

HI Christine,
I found great information at The Milk Bar (really close to the Duomo). They speak English and were really helpful with a lot of my pregnancy doubts! They also have courses I want to try as soon as I am ready! Good luck!

What is the best maternity hospital in Milan where there are doctors who can speak English



Will you be able to tell me the best hospital in Milan where there are doctors who can speak English ?😊

Thank you

Depending on the type of birth you would like, there are many doctors that speak English and provide the care you need. Feel free to contact me when in need for search hospital/doctor/doula/hypnobirthing course/ etc. etc.
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I’m in my 7th month of pregnancy. I’ve been told that Magenta hospital close to Milan is a good hospital also I was hospitalized there for 4 days to control my pregnancy diabetes. They were very caring and organized and the hospital was very clean. Also the food was very delicious. I talked to many mothers that they had just given birth to their children and they were all satisfied with the hospital.
Also the diabetes treatment was perfect and my blood sugar is completely under control.

Dear Fraenzbaenz,

I am interested what is the price for a pregnancy visit to gynecologist? Approx.

Good day @Margaretha78

I saw that you may be able to help with advice on birthing options.

We live in Treviso, Veneto and our baby is coming in December. Do you know of doulas/midwives at birthing clinics or hospitals and that allow the dads to be present during natural birth?


Hi there,

I am due to move to Milan within the month of October, where I will be 6 months pregnant.
I have found a lot of great information on the care offered in Milan, but I was wondering if there are also many Mother groups in order for mothers-to-be to meet other mothers-to-be/already mothers?

Thanks in advance!


could you please share your tips and experiences choosing a clinic or gynaecologist for pregnancy follow-up? I live in Como but the clinic could be in Milan as well. I will go back home to give the birth so I need just the follow-up. Unfortunately, I don't speak any Italian so it should be in English. Thank you for your help!

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