Any expat Americans living in or around Livorno???

Ciao, ciao.  I'm from California,I've lived in Livorno for nearly two years, love Tuscany, but am in need of congenial friendships, conversation and good food and wine around an Italian table!

I have no car but manage well by bus and train. I'm learning Italian, but find it difficult to make Italian friends, so I would like to connect with expats living "la dolce vita!" I'm also looking to move out of the city and closer to the countryside to really experience the Tuscany that has pulled at my heartstrings since my youth.  I am half Italian; my mother's parents met each other on the boat to Ellis Island. 

So, is there anyone who would like to meet another "love of the Italian way?"

Hello UnDolceVita and welcome to!

A little introduction would maybe help you.;)


Thanks, I will.

Like to cook? Someone in or near Livorno that would like to get together for fun while "tackling" traditional Italian dishes??

Ciao Calli.
Yes, I'm still here.  I can meet in the afternoons, if that works for you.  Where do you live?  We can meet near the sea or in downtown.  Let me know.

Hi!! I'm also an American here in Livorno seriously in need of conversation in english, lol. If you are still around, let me know!!!

A little about me: I'm from North Carolina originally. 39 years old. I've been living in Livorno about 4 years now. I'm not really learning the language very well, which is limiting me in the "meeting people" department. My husband (a Livornese) speaks fluent english and it's just easier, which, yes, we get scolded for quite a lot. Interests... hmmm... I like to cook, read, go to museums, have a drink, etc.

Ciao Gia,
I'm so sorry for the late response, but I've been without a computer since October, bought one in the states in December and have just now returned and figured out Windows 8, which is absolutely awful!  Anyway, yes
I would love to get together; when is good for you?  Finally, today we have some sun, glorious sun!!!  Ditto on
your likes; mine, too.  Call me at 328 8982670 and let's connect.  Ciao, ciao.

Ciao tutti!  :cheers:

I'm wondering if any of you still read this post. I've lived here since last September but haven't met anyone. I'm in the same boat as Gia - my Livornese husband speaks fluent English and we never (or hardly ever) speak in Italian! There doesn't seem to be much going on that I've been able to attend (besides Effetto Venezia earlier). I would love to chat with any of you sometime over gelato - Ardenza has some amazing ice cream, but I'm on the lookout for grapefruit-flavored! Hope to talk to one of you soon. :)

Hi "Aratal"!! Have you tried Caprilli on Via dei Funaioli (where Viale Italia's traffic light is?). It's an all-natural gelateria and I bet they have grapefruit! :) It would be so awesome to have someone besides my husband to speak English with (he's great and all, but... you know... lol). I walk from our place near the Fortezza Nuova to the Terrazza Mascagni pretty much every morning. The sea is my "happy place", lol... we should get together! A gelato, a walk... whatever!
The 4 of us getting together for dinner or a drink, etc. would be a lot of fun, as well! We'd absolutely LOVE that!

PS... I think you already know my husband... lol....

PS,,, Sorry UnDolceVita! Your message got lost in the shuffle! If you're still around, let me know!

Got your request! Small world :) Let's plan something soon!


My name's Nina.I'm from Georgia,ex USSR and live in Livorno. My husband's Italian and I rarely speak English:-( I'm looking for an English teacher for my son, he's 9, he's bilingual (Georgian/Italian) and he's quite good in languages. Is there anyone interested in giving lessons once or twice (max) a week? If interested please contact me,
Thanks a lot in advance

Ciao, I am Italian but I have been living in Thailand and Australia for the last 20 years. Just back in Italy , in Livorno on May this year. I have a 5 years old boy that borns in Thailand and that loves to keep speaking english as is his first language.

I don t know if it s the right place to ask but I wonder if I could get some feedback from you about living in Livorno.

I m of Italian Maltese nationality, I grew up and lived mainly between Rome and London, also lived in Lunigiana Garfagnana area for some 4/5 years with my English wife.

We have 5 kids now, living near Rome but considering relocating back to Tuscany, Livorno.

I d like to know how my kids would do over there, I imagine public schools are good, also my wife is a private kindergarten bilingual teacher, are there any bilingual schools as far as you know? Is Livorno overall a nice place to live? We ve been there, but just for the sea. Thanks

To any who live near Livorno.  We are trying to get to italy in the next year.  Livorno would be one of the places we are considering.  This thread seems to have carried on since 2012.  We are americans living in Mexico currently.  we're wanting to move to italy and live life to the fullest.  Can anyone respond?  We are trying to obtain an entry visa and gain access to the country.