I need talking in / out of making my dreams come true.....

I guess I am going to probably be the maddest person on here but here goes....

I have two dreams, 1. Live overseas 2. Learn Itallian....

All my life I have had these dreams and being 36, divorced with a dog it is about time I either stopped dreaming and just did it or changed my dreams...

Here goes, the negatives, my Itallian is very limmited (friends says best way to learn is to live there) and I have no job (I have a job just not one in Italy), house or savings to help me.... Is jumping in the car for 3 months and seeing how it goes a good or bad thing....

Life is short.... too short...

Any help.... Please

Pete  :D

Hello Pete and welcome to Expat.com!

Hope that you'll take the right decision.;)


Go for it, mad is a good motivation to live!  That fact that you are willing to try, is the first step to success!  What is the worst that could happen; you turn around and go back.  Doesn't sound too bad to me.  "Follow your heart and your dreams will come true."  Tuscany is incredible!

Hi Pete,

Out of interest I wanted to know if you and your dog came to Italy in the end? And how it went?

I was going to give you some encouragement but noticed it was an old post.

Let me know!

Hi Pete, I' m Italian, just moved to Tonbridge, kent. If you need any help or   advice  about moving to my country, just do not hesitate to write me ! Ciao!

Hi neverloseyourhope,

Please note that this thread is quite old and that Pete posted only once on the Forum :)

Feel free to post your questions or else on the Tuscany Forum for better interaction :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hello Pete, I am Italian and just moved to Kent for a while because my dream has always been of living in Englang for a long time. So, I can understand you very well. So, as I have waited too long, before my dream could change, I have jumped on the plane first last March and then two weeks ago . Now, that my dream has come true,yes, I can say that  I have fulfilled  my dream, even though between my first trip in England ,  and this last , I can say that I have run out of most of my budget. And now it is the time to getting into work again.
I love England, except for its weather ad the fact it is quite expensive to live here, especially for the people with different currency money.
My advice is that if you have a dream, don't wait too long to make it comes true , as , like you said, life is too short and if you wait too long ,your dream could change or you could change your mind.
I have lived and worked in Tuscany as well, and Tuscany is one of my favourite regions in Italy , after my region  Campania and my city of birth, Naples, that I wouldn't change for any other regions.
So , if you need any advices about Tuscany, just let me know, I hope I can be helpful somehow. Ciao!