Need to meet new people in Tuscany

Hi there!

Am going bonkers here in looking for people who'd like to discover Tuscany at weekends.

Look forward to hearing from you!

What kind of exploring do you have in mind? Museums? shopping? general sight-seeing? hiking?

Where are you from? What made you choose Livorno?

Hi Susan,

Am from Gloucester, England and have been in Italy for over 25 years. I ended up here in Livorno for my job - I teach English at the British School.

I've never liked Livorno and have tried to leave numerous times but always come back to work. Am now trying to move to Pisa because I can't stand the drudgery of this place!

I love visiting other places and go sightseeing, walking in the country, visit a few exhibitions.........anything really. It's just that I don't have any friends here in Livorno or in Tuscany, for that matter and it's so much more fun doing things with like- minded people. It'd be great even to have a coffee and a chat!

How about yourself? What brought you to Florence?