Medical Treatment, Facilities & Equipment for Sickle cell in Tanzania


Hi there Nyangana,

I am an American Registered nurse living in TZ with my own kids, and am a little familiar with sickle cell. The best place for treatment would be in Dar Es Salaam, at the Aga Kahn hospital. There are specialized doctors and medical equipment that is new. You would have no problem receiving treatment such as IVF or oxygen. Some of your blood work like CBC, WBC, Potassium level, could be obtained. I am just unsure how in depth they could go with blood test. Not sure about bilirubin or creatinine. I think that they do have a CT machine. I know that they do have a good xray and Ultrasound machine. Arusha does have the Lutheran Medical center but I personally wouldn't trust moving there with a child with a chronic condition.