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Updated 2018-09-03 11:42

Whether in Tanzania for a day or a year, you will find a variety of things on offer to do in your leisure time. It doesn't matter if you enjoy something more relaxed, perhaps soaking up the bountiful nature that the country has on offer, or something more upbeat that will get your blood pumping. The country has it all. Read below to find what activity might suit you best whilst you are spending time in Tanzania.


If you are a person who enjoys perusing markets, you won't be disappointed. Tanzania has plenty of markets on offer, from fresh fruit and vegetable for sale, to those that sell crafts, material, and even only fish, this country is any market lovers' paradise. If you are in Dar es Salaam, it is recommended that you wake up early one morning and set out to explore the Dar Fish Market - here you will find a variety of seafood on auction.


It is advised that you get there as early as 6:30 am so as to be involved with the most exciting auctions of the day!

Dar es Salaam has another market called Kariakoo which is recommended if you would like to shop for clothing, crafts, household products, fruit and vegetables in a local Tanzanian way. This location is lively, energetic, and bursting to the brim with all of the treasures that one could wish to find in Tanzania.


Do watch your belongings and prepare for a high-energy cultural experience. Also remember that it is okay - in fact, expected - for you to bargain.


Many leisure activities on offer are centred around learning more about the culture and history of Tanzania. If you would like to see a historical statue of great significance, then when in Dar es Salaam you should pay a visit to the Askari Monument. This cast bronze soldier has a bayonet that points towards the harbour, and serves as a reminder to remember the soldiers who fought in World War I. You can read more about this at the monument itself, sit on a nearby bench and enjoy the buzz, or grab a Tanzanian-style coffee in one of the surrounding cafes.

Did you know?

Supposedly this monument is located at the precise centre of the city.

If you are in Zanzibar, a wonderful activity to do is a walking tour around the city and surrounds. Many locals make a living off guiding newcomers around the town, strolling through the cobbled alleyways whilst teaching you, in perfect English, about the rich history of the country. What better way to experience it than first-hand, on foot, and hearing it from someone who has lived there throughout some decades?


Another great way to experience Tanzania is by immersing yourself in its rich and diverse nature! There are a variety of ways in which you can experience this, depending on where you are at. For example, when in Zanzibar, you can visit the monkeys in the Jozani National Park, or head Eastwards and spend some time in the idyllic crystal blue sea. If you are closer to Dar es Salaam, you could visit Pugu Hills Nature Reserve and do some bird watching or visit its cave - famous for its bat colony!

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