Relocating to Tanzania

Updated 2018-09-03 09:02

If you are considering or planning on relocating to Tanzania, this article will be a good and informative read. A general guideline, as well as relevant information regarding your move, can be found below.

Moving Procedures

The best way to move to Tanzania is to hire an independent moving company that will make this exciting but nonetheless stressful period easier for you and your family. You will start off by consulting with a trained moving specialist in a one-on-one session, who will determine your moving requirements by asking you questions such as the following:

Information from your answers to these questions, as well as a possible follow-up in-home assessment of your items, will result in a quotation for your move.

Typically, your items will be transported either by sea or by air. Your items will likely travel by air if:

  • Your timeline is more urgent
  • You have a higher budget
  • You have fewer and smaller items

Conversely, your items will likely travel by sea if:

  • Your timeline is more relaxed
  • You'd prefer to pay less
  • You have many and larger items

Gaining Entry

Regardless of whether you are visiting the country for a day, or relocating there permanently, it is imperative that you find relevant visa information prior to your departure. There are a few countries whose nationals have no visa requirement; the rest have to arrange this for their entry. You will likely want to be obtaining a residence visa and work permit if you are moving to the country.


As when entering any country, there are certain items that will be prohibited for you to bring into Tanzania upon your and your belongings' arrival. It is best to know these beforehand so that you can avoid any unnecessary surprises or fines.

In order to clear customs, you will need your passport, all relevant visa(s) and permit(s), a list of your inventory (including make, model and serial number for your electronics), as well as your signed customs declaration.

In addition to the standard prohibited items (weapons, firearms, etc) do make sure that you do not have any of the following items in your checked-in baggage: narcotics, pornography, counterfeit items, and local currency (Tanzanian shilling).

Do note that your belongings do have to arrive 6 months or less after your arrival, so ensure with your movers that this is arranged.


If you plan on taking your pet with you to Tanzania, he or she will need to have some documentation, without which access to the country will likely be denied. Your pet will need a health certificate signed by a competent veterinarian. If you are bringing a dog or a cat, they will need to be vaccinated against rabies (each at least 13 months prior to arrival). Your pet will also be inspected upon arrival and will be kept in quarantine for a certain amount of time.

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