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Updated 2018-08-31 15:10

Completing an internship in Tanzania can be an incredibly personally and professionally rewarding experience. This is an attractive country to intern in from a professional standpoint because it is a country that is not yet popular on the classic Western map. This means that competition is relatively low for a variety of interesting listings, and you will have a unique experience that will certainly set you out above the rest. It also goes without saying that you are likely to gain cultural insights and understanding that will stand you in good stead for understanding people of various backgrounds and cultures, regardless of where you end up working in the future.


All foreigners conducting internships in Tanzania are required to obtain a tourist visa, which will allow them to stay up to 3 months. In addition to this, all interns and volunteers are required to obtain a CTA (Conducting a Temporary Assignment) permit. This is valid if your internship is up to two months. If it is longer, you will need to get a RPC (Residence Permit class 'C') permit and can be obtained within the first few days of your arrival.

Be sure to check with the company offering you the internship, as these requirements are subject to change without notice.

Finding an Internship

If you are training or have been previously trained in the education, international development, education, or healthcare industries, there are a range of opportunities available to you in various pockets of the country. A limited number of posts are available for those working in environmental conservation, childcare, and the arts.

There are a number of companies that work tirelessly to place interns within the country. Typically if you go through a company, you will be a student and will be doing this internship work in a field related to your field of study. This would be pre-graduation.

If you are struggling to find internship, check with your principles whether volunteer work would not qualify. There are many websites with listings of families, non-profits and organisations seeking people of all different ages, with all sorts of skills. Workaway is a nice website to start seeking as you can specify what it is that you can offer, what you are looking for, and see honest reviews of hosts from previous volunteers.


Generally, the length of an internship in Tanzania is a minimum of one month. Internships are always unpaid, but some might offer accommodation, food, or other types of benefits. The language of the internships are mostly conducted in English, and you are typically supervised by professionals in your field of choice.

Internship programmes will assist in the placement of a suitable organisation. These programmes will often have interns arriving at the same time and will provide an orientation and acclimatization for all participants. These programmes will likely help you with all of your paperwork before your arrival. Interns might live all together in shared or private rooms in a volunteer house, which is perfect for making friends and organising short trips over the weekends.

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