Family activities in Tanzania

family activities in Tanzania
Updated 2018-09-03 09:48

If you are going on holiday to Tanzania with your kids, or are living in the country as a family, there are plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy! Initially, the country might seem a little daunting, especially if you have young children, as prices of accommodation and vehicle rental can be quite high, journeys can be long, and people may not speak your mother-tongue. However, the country has plenty on offer for people of all ages. This article will outline the various categories of things available to do.

Pre-trip considerations

Before going anywhere with family in Tanzania, it is important to be properly prepared for the activities that you will be getting up to. If you travel during the cooler June-September dry season, mosquitoes tend to be fewer, however, it is still advised to take anti-malaria precautions if you will be going to an infected region.

Always travel with a family first-aid kit, especially if you will be entering more remote areas and/or doing activities that could result in injury.

Nature and Wildlife

There is no better country than Tanzania to ignite your kids' curiosity and love for animals and wildlife. Taking the family on a safari is a must-do, and many lodges are family-friendly with staff trained and equipped to have young visitors. Be sure to inquire regarding age-restrictions and other constraints when booking a safari for a family.

Visiting a national park is also a great way to get out and about exploring. If you are in Arusha, a day trip to the Arusha National Park can be arranged. This is easy and manageable and walking through this smaller park can be a great experience for all.


If you and your family enjoy the seaside, Tanzania's mainland, as well as surrounding islands, provide what you might be looking for. There are especially plenty of family-friendly resorts for many different budgets along Zanzibar's East coast, with friendly English-speaking staff who will make your stay a pleasant and comfortable one.

If you enjoy surfing, then the Northern reefs of Zanzibar are probably going to be the best location to find a surf. Do note that it is likely you'll need to hire a boat to reach these waves. You might also find a few beach breaks along the coast, however, this is inconsistent and should not be relied upon!


Watch out for sea urchins when walking along the beach or snorkelling. Wearing water shoes is recommended, especially for young kids.


Where better to develop an exotic palate at a young age than Tanzania?! The country's cuisine is full of flavours that would delight those with all sorts of tastes, and the delicately blended curries typically are bland enough for children too. With plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer too, Tanzania is bound to make the whole family happy and healthy. Read our food article for more.

Good to know:

Street food is generally not suitable for children, and healthy snacks for when a craving hits can be difficult to find on the road. Bringing a pocket knife along for peeling fruit might be a good idea.

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