General Health conditions in Tanzania.

Hello Friends,

Its good to see so many people in this site, helping new comers to Tanzania to get settled in.

I am from Kolkata, India. I have got a job offer from one of the companies here. I am very much willing to relocate here.

I have read from the internet that general health conditions in Tanzania is not good.. ie. Malaria, Hepititis, Unsafe water etc are very much prevailing there. Can somebody please inform if these are correct, or what would be the safety measures to be adopted for being fit there???

I wonder if so many people from India are living in Tanzania, then how are they managing all these things???

Looking forward to hear from all of you.



Hi and welcome to Randhir!

In what field are you going to be working?
Hope you will find the correct information on the forum ;)


Thanks for the msg..

I am a marketing professional, and will be working in the fields/market, different cities

Hi Randhir,

There are many people from India/Europe/America, all over TZ. My family is a family of 6, me and my husband and 4 small kids. I will try to give a quick answer.

We have lived in TZ for over 3 yrs. I tell people that if we haven't gotten seriously sick yet then anyone can come. Just take certain safety precautions.


We boil/filter our water.For bathing we just try not to drink the shower/bath water. :-) You laugh but try telling a 2 yr. old not drink or spit the bath water, what is the first thing he is going to do?


We are exposed to many Tanzanians through church fellowship. Our contact is through shaking hands, and sitting close to one another. I am sure that some of them probably have some sort of diseases, HIV, Hepatitis etc. but we feel safe in regards to health concerns.
I once caught my 3 yr. old cleaning the bottom of her shoe, by licking it. Yes very disgusting. Kids are kids, and can be pretty unpredictable at times.

Malaria: We sleep under mosquito nets, and occasionally spray the house.

Well, my little one (6wks.old) just woke up, got to go.
Hope this helps.

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for the reply. Its quite helpful.

May I know where do you stay in Tanzania - ie.Dar-Es-Salaam or some other place..

We lived in Arusha for 3 years, and we are now currently in Iringa. I have never been to Dar. (but my husband has) I have just talked to many who are moving there, and we have Tanzanian friends there. We are planning to visit there at the end of the year.

In Iringa, the city water that comes from our pipes is a lot more brown, as it comes from from the local river. So we use a lot more bottled water here. I don't like cooking my rice in the sandy river water.

We are blessed, as no one in my family has been seriously sick since we have moved here.

Hi Bonnie,

May God bless that your family never fall sick and stays healthy and happy always.

Packaged drinking water is available there in TZ. Its good to know.

I will most probably be based at Dar-Es-Salaam, so do you know somebody there who can provide relaated info about Dar-Es-Salaam. Of course your suggestions are valuable but u know the info from locals there will help to provide more clear picture of the situation.
is another expat website with members from Dar. If they reject your request, send me an email with your First, Last name and email and I can send you an invitation.

It is another resource for General Health Conditions.

Hi Bonnie,

How r u ???

Please send me the invitation for internation, they have declined my request stating they r not accepting currently without any ref. of any member...