Hi everyone,

my tooth is hurting like hell! So I was wondering if anyone knew about a good dentist in arusha, to visit as soon as possible?? If you could give some advice, addresses, number and prices, I'd be incredibly thankful!!
Hope to hear from you this weekend...;)

Sorry to hear that you need a dentist. We have since moved from Arusha to Iringa. But I still have the number on my phone. Sorry no name, just under dentist in my phone. (I am pretty sure this is the one in Arusha)

They are weird and don't do phone calls, just text messages, so just text what you need to the number, and they will text or call you back.


Their dentist room is in a large orange building across the street/ near shop right.

I have recently just found a new dentist online that is in Arusha also, but couldn't give you a personal reference. I have talked to one of the dentist that works for the Zamu Dental Clinic in Dar, and she was really nice, and an expat.

Here is the link and number for them.
They also have email.

"Our Arusha clients, please contact Dr. T. Tanya on +255 (0) 754 570 357 or +255 (0) 27 255 3369"
Zamu Dental Clinic

Whatever you do avoid Dr Eric at aga Khan. Smug and inefficient. Late night appointments charges top dollar but does work of a 1 week student in dentistry.  All work he's done has had to be redone . Like have a blind mechanic fix your car avoid avoid avoid