Giving birth in Tanzania

Hello, I'm based in Zanzibar and looking for the most appropriate place to give birth. I'm looking at mainland Tanzania, in particular aga Khan, because I understand in Zanzibar there isn't a good capacity for neonatal care if something goes wrong with the baby.

I am wondering if anyone would mind sharing their experience of birth in aga Khan, were you happy with the skills of the midwives? Was there enough privacy?

My first born was born in the UK so my previous experience was in a private room with one to one care from the midwife. It would be good to be prepared for any major differences.

Thank you

Please also check in Dar Es Salam, Safee Hospital in Masaki and Dr Aqeela. I had my delivery done there, very professional doctor and very experienced. Also hospital is well equipped with all the facilities and Neo natal care is also there.

Best of luck.

Thank you, I will, I'm hoping to make a trip in the next month to see what the options are

Hello all,

Also doing a little early homework about birth options in Dar, I am expecting in November. For anyone who worked with a midwife, how did you get in touch with them? Through the hospital? Were you able to meet beforehand? Do midwives have privileges to attend births at both Aga Khan and Safee Hospital? Anything else anyone who has been here before would advise?

Read in a previous post from a few years back there is a German midwife who worked in Dar, does anyone know if she is still around or practicing in Dar?

Thanks so much for any info,


Hello, how was your Dar trip? Did you learn anything useful?

@zoec Hi, I had hoped in the end to make it back to the UK as was finding it hard to get all the information here. But my partners visa has taken so long to process and I am 32 weeks already so I think we will stay here. Under the advice of my midwife in Zanzibar we will likely opt for Aga Khan. I visited there and Saifee and both had good facilities.

Hi everyone,

I am also interested in your opinion regarding Aga khan & Safee Hospital in Dar Es Salaam. I am expecting in December, I live in Zanzibar, and I am trying to find the best option without going back to my country.

@rjsn522 What made you choose Aga Khan over Safee Hospital? if it is not too personal to ask.

Thank you.
Hi everyone, I will deliver in November 2022 and my doctor is Dr. Aqeela at Saifee hospital. I'm happy with both my doctor and the hospital so far. But i would appreciate if anyone who delivered at Saifee answers my question: How many midwives are attending to delivery? And will i be able to meet my midwife before the delivery?

I dont know about the exact procedure and will only learn about it when i come back to TZ in August.

Hope everyone experience a good and safe delivery.

@Guest3409586 hi we actually decided in the end on Sali. I was considering aga Khan because it's where my midwife suggested. But since I came to dar for delivery I become unwell with pneumonia and had very good care at sali.

@rjsn522 hello

@rjsn522 hi
I am considering Sali for my c section, is there some dr you would recommend.
Thank you


Hello, did you deliver in Seifee hospital? Also im expecting and thinking to choose Seifee hospital, i already met dr Aqeela, but she said to us that she is coming only in emergency cases, or if is appointed cesarean. Can you please share your experience. Thank you in advance.

@Mediat hello how did the c section go and which doctor or facility did you decide on?

@Bridget31 hello did you get any help or finally decide on a doctor?

Best of luck with best wishes!


Hello, i decided to deliver in Saifee hospital, im very satisfied by the hospital, my due date is end of December, we decided with the doctor to try natural, if something goes wrong we are going with the c section. Did you choose hospital yet?






I'm considering giving birth to my baby in Tanzania and I read that you have done or will do the same.

How was the experience for you? Would you choose to stay in TZ again?

Could you tell me anything about the costs of giving birth in a hospital and possible additional costs you had to pay? In struggling to find information about the costs online.