Best medical insurance before moving to tanzania from India

Hello All,

I am sanket from Pune, India. I have opportunity to move to Arusha, Tanzania for the post of trainer at NM-AIST Arusha. Before moving to the new counrtry I want to subsribe the best medical insurance where I will get all medical facilites in Arusha.

What are the suggested must take vaccination before moving?

What is condition of hospotalization as well as the availabilty of medicines in Arusha?

Please help ...!!

Hi Sanket,

Welcome to Tanzania :)

There are plenty of insurance service providers in Tanzania, and their services and facilities depend on your premium package. I have personal experience with Jubliee and Resolution Insurance, where I will prefer Jubliee Insurance because of the services. 

Yellow fever is a mandatory vaccination before traveling to Tanzania. Rest you may discuss with your doctor for any advice.

Quality of hospitals and doctors are highly trained and educated, again it depends on your budgets and affordability, There are private hospitals like AGA KHAN, SALI, LONDON HEALTH CARE and others.

Good Luck!