for dentist in tanzania

hi , iam dentist from India ,can anyone please let tell how the scope of dentistry there,
>can Indians practice there,
> what will be the salary,
>and are there any job opportunities,
please help,,
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HI There, I live in Arusha and I can tell you that there is a need for dentistry here. There are Many Indians living and working in Tanzania, so I know you would be welcome, and shouldn't have to hard of a time with work permit issues and such. Not sure of the salary. If you are good at what you do, and build up a strong client base, then you could almost set your own prices. I know of only 2 dentist in/around Arusha, and there are Hundreds of American/European expats. I know of some that go to Nairobi, Kenya for dental services. But my husband goes to the one in Arusha, he is cheaper, and does a good job. Hope this helps some.

You should also contact some hospital and clinic in Dar es Salaam and just send your CV. This way you will have an idea of the demand, salary etc....
There is AAR Clinic, Aga Khan hospital, French Dental clinic and are well known in Dar.
All the best

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At present in Aga Khan Hospital in Dar Es Salaam they are looking for a Dentist.

Try the Apollo Medical Centre and/or the Burhani Charitable Hospital. they are on the look out for someone reliable and honest.

Yes Burhani needs a new dentist. I also had a bad experience there.

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I am dentis from india I want to work as dentis in Tanzania  what is the procedure for same

Any updates about dentists from other countries? I am interested from the US. Thank you!
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