Healthcare in Tanzania


how does the healthcare system work in Tanzania ? Is it efficient ?

What are the main differences between public and private sectors?

Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance in Tanzania?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience !


I and my family live in Dodoma. We have a health insurance system from outside of the country.
In Australia, where we come from, only a Doctorr with a minimum six year degree can diagnose and prescribe medication. In order to specialize you must study for an additional seven years. Here in Tanzania there are different levels of health care. There are hospitals and health clinics. There are also different levels of health care providers. There is a Nurse, a Clinical Officer and a Doctor. At clinics around Tanzania you will find a Clinical Officer with as little as two years of study who are called 'Doctor' and who are able to diagnose and prescribe medication. Nurses also may have two to three years of study and are also qualified to diagnose and prescribe medication.

In hospitals you will find medical staff with a degree course but the standard of care is typically low and patients often don't get seen until they pay a fee. The Hippocratic oath sworn by doctors to care for patients doesn't seem to mean very much here.

In my experience I would seek out the best medical facility in your area. Perhaps this will be a private hospital rather than a public clinic or hospital. Cross check what you are told by the Doctor with some Google research and if you are seriously ill or in need of an operation of any kind, then I would advise you to head to South Africa or back to wherever you come from.

I am sorry if this sounds negative. I work with a number of people in Tanzania who are Doctors and Nurses and who train medical personnel and the fact is that Tanzania has a long way to go to create a modern, efficient and efficient health system.

hello mr.julien about health care in tanzania... it depends which place are you travelling . if it is city you will get good health care depend on the hospital but still it expensive. if it is urban areas  health care is very less. about insurance card  if u have international insurancr sure it will help you if it is valid in this country.
welcome tanzania....
happy journey.


Good Day guys,

This is Adnan i belong from pakistan, living ON nd OFF almost since 8 years in Tanzania, here the medical services and system is available but honestly its just too expensive for no reason, the decent standard medical service is expensive which is not even affordable for us as expats, the local medical services are also their but mostly i had this experience that after having local medical services i have to concern expats medical services.

Thanking you

Muhammad Adnan

I agree with Muhammad Adnan and JonesY2. There is nothing like proper health care in Tanzania. Its a  messed up system. The sales man at the pharmacy- Duka la dawa is as apt as any doctor in any hospital.