Meeting new foreign friends in Tanzania.

Hi everyone I hope you are doing fine.
I'm looking for new foreign friends in Dar Es Salaam or anyone planning to come to Tanzania in the future.
I've been raised by introverted sheltered parents and therefore it has become difficult for me to make friends.I'm now in university and the situation hasn't changed.
I'm mostly in the hostels alone not because because I can't socialize,I socialize with varsity mates but I feel somehow rejected, It just doesn't work for me.
Therefore hoping to meet amazing people especially women from the outside world and we can learn each other's cultures and build connections.
Age doesn't matter so feel free to hit me up on my inbox.
Hello iridessa143,

Welcome to!

Can you say more about your hobbies and interests for other members to know more about you?

Djameel Team

My hobbies are listening to music(pop,EDMs,Amapianos just to mention a few),singing(plus karaoke),dancing (to the genres I mentioned above,hanging out(which includes walking sometimes or chilling by the beach,exploring the city,swimming,modelling,solving crossword puzzles and games and volunteering/community service.