Would be great to meet people living in Morogoro


I live in Morogoro town and work for an NGO working on water and sanitation projects in rural villages across Tanzania.  I live and work in the same building so spend a lot of time with the people I work with so it would be great to meet other people who live in Morogoro.



I will be arriving in Morogoro from May and be spending 6 months in the area, working with the Sokoine University of Agriculture, as part of my Ph.D. which I am doing at University College London, United kingdom

I work in water resources development and have experience in sanitation, too.  I am interested to touch base on the work that your NGO does, and possibly get more information, upon my arrival.

My work looks into the role of groundwater and its potential for sustainable uses in the Great Ruaha River catchment.

I am also interested to know what the expat community is like in Morogoro and my best options for finding accommodation and taking swahili classes.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,


Hi Simon,

Sorry I only just saw your reply.

Def let me know when you are in Morogoro and would be good to meet and discuss your project, we also look at some WASH projects.

Stay in touch and let me know when you arrive.  Let me know the best way to contact you.


Hi Hazel (and Simon)

Are you still in Morogoro? I am going to be moving in and out of Morogoro over the next year as part of PhD research (also with Sokoine Uni) and is looking for people to hang with.


Hi Susanne, yes I am still in Morogoro. Let me know when you move here!

Wow that was fast!

Is already here. In town until Sunday and back again in the end of the week.


I am afraid I left Morogoro back in November, and I never got the pleasure of meeting HAzel either, which was unfortunate.

I may be popping down to do some follow up work later on this year, so maybe we can stay in touch.  Let me know if you need any pointers regarding Morogoro.




I don't know if it lets you send mobile numbers but mine is xxx

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Hej Simon

Ser ud som du ligeledes er dansk ;-)

Alle gode fif til Morogoro tages imod med kyshånd. Jeg er her indtil Maj, og igen fra November og ca. et halvt år frem.

Hello everyone,

@ Susannek, please post only in English on the anglophone forum so that members can fully understand you. :cheers:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hazel & Susanne,

Are you guys still at Morogoro? I will be working there for at least 1-2years starting end May.
Would be really great to make some friends there if possible.
Let me know how can I contact you guys :)


Hi Hazel
My name is Ryk i am from SA
Just want to say hi

Hi everyone,

I'm moving to Morogoro at the start of October and keen to meet other expats! I'll be working with APOPO (associated with Sokoine University of Agriculture).



Hello Rosie Bartholomew,

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Will it be your first time in Morogoro?

Do you have topics that you would like to discuss with other members of this forum?

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